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Recent News, Research Excellence and Awards

  • New special issue of the Animal Studies Journal on critical animal studies (CAS) responses to mass extinction, co-edited by Kelly Struthers Montford, brings together leading and emerging scholars extending socio-legal, anti-colonial, cultural studies, geography, fine arts, and Anthropocene studies to explicate and respond to our current time of ecological catastrophe, marked most profoundly by biodiversity loss and species extinctions. Find the open access issue here! (external link) 
  • Kelly Struthers Montford has been announced by the Brooks Institute for Animal Rights, Law, and Policy as Brooks Scholars Fellow for 2023 for her research on prison dog programs. See the announcement (external link)  and learn more (external link) .
  • Dr. Anne-Marie Singh is part of a multi-university team of researchers that received a 2023 SSHRC Connection Grant to organize a conference - Situating the 'Global East' in Southernizing and Decolonizing Movements in Socio-Legal Studies - at the prestigious OƱati International Institute for the Sociology of Law in April 2024. More about the workshop (external link) 
  • "What's in a Name" (external link)  is a new digital project by Dr. Anne-Marie Singh; the making of the university as white, male space.
  • Professor van der Meulen has been awarded a 2023 Dean's Scholarly, Research, and Creative Activity Award for her scholarship in the 2021-2022 year.
  • The Prison Transparency Project (external link) : a collaboration between researchers from Argentina, Spain and Canada intent on pushing for greater transparency and accountability in prison systems--has been awarded a SSHRC Partnership Grant ($2.5M). Dr. Struthers Montford will lead the prison radio project, focused on centering prisoners' experiences in the aim of transparency and accountability. This research is supported by the Department of Criminology and the Faculty of Arts.

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