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A student wearing a headset holds a call sheet at a modeling audition with the models standing in a line.

I'm a prospective student, how will my internship work?

In the summer after third year or during the fall semester of fourth year, students begin their work placement within a creative enterprise. This placement is for a minimum of 240 hours of work and must be within a creative sector company. Placements may be paid, unpaid, or offer an honorarium. Our work placement office helps students find placements through a series of professional development workshops and a robust Creative Industries job board. While we work hard to help, it is ultimately the students’ responsibility to apply, attend interviews and land a role.

The work placement is closely integrated with the final year of study of the Creative Industries program. During the internship, students are required to collect a broad range of information that will be used later for reflection and analysis during their capstone 4th year seminar course, CRI 800Managing Creative Enterprises. Students are also monitored by the program’s industry liaison co-ordinator during the placement.

The requirement is designed to provide a first-hand, practical experience of an environment in which creative enterprises operate and of the management practices employed to support and expedite creative work. To date, our students have worked in small, medium and large-scale companies in a broad range of sectors, including fashion, advertising, television, gaming, museums, film, and music – to name a few.

Toronto is a hotbed of arts and culture. Close to 23,700 artists live here and since 2001, the creative workforce here has grown by 34 per cent, faster than the rest of the labour force. It’s also home to the biggest names in media, fashion, film, music, and television; think CBC, the Globe and Mail, TSN, ELLE Canada, Canada Goose, Joe Fresh, Arts & Crafts, and VICE. Embedded in the vibrant downtown core, at Toronto Metropolitan University, the city is your classroom.


Intern Highlight

Feraud Lallmohamed
Feraud Lallmohamed, Fifth year Creative Industries student

Meet Feraud Lallmohamed, Creative Industries Student

Summer Intern at Devon Consulting & Public Relations Ltd 

Public Relations & Social Media Intern


How was your internship experience?

Overall, I am very pleased with my internship experience! I feel very privileged to have gained this kind of experience while still in school. As someone who has a very niche career goal (working specifically in the corporate beauty industry), I was hoping for experience that would be relevant to my career path but thought that would be difficult to find. I was very appreciative that I was able to get an internship specifically in my area of interest. 


What was one positive outcome from your internship? What did you learn?

I had the chance to work with brands that I've known, used, and loved for years. The agency I worked for has large scale clients such as NARS, Buxom and Laura Mercier. These are brands that I have always admired.  To be able to say that I have worked for them and helped support their campaigns is honestly the biggest positive outcome I could ask for.


Is there anything you would like to share with other Creative Industries students?

I would like to encourage any students who are feeling scared, anxious or nervous for their internship to take a deep breath. I know personally how nerve-wracking the process of finding one and completing one can be! However, these internships are for you to learn and grow from. One thing that I've kept in my mind while I'm at my position is if you are comfortable, you're not learning. My advice is: Don't be afraid to try new things and, most importantly, ask questions!

Internship Report Highlights

Internship Report Highlights