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Request Additional Security

Three members of the security team walking in an alley. The word SECURITY is written on their backs.

There are a number of services that our department provides on a fee for service basis to facilitate the safety and security of you and your property. These include additional security staff for your events, card readers to secure your doors and duress stations.

Security coverage for your event on campus

Toronto Metropolitan University community members can make a request for extra security staff for their event on campus, which will be assessed for approval by our team.

Request supplementary coverage by emailing

We ask that you provide us with as much time as possible when requesting extra coverage. We can only accommodate requests with a minimum of ten business days.

How our security staff are trained

If your request is approved, we will work with you to gather the appropriate details about your supplementary coverage request to ensure that we meet your needs. Our staff are trained in basic CPR training, and are certified as Emergency Medical Responders (EMR). They also have International Trauma Life Support (ITLS) training for both the general population and pediatrics in order to support a wide variety of clientele and community members.

Staff type

Regular hours

Statutory holidays

Security staff member

$40 per hour (4 hour minimum)

$100 per hour (4 hour minimum)

There are some circumstances where our team does not have the capacity to provide extra security coverage cannot be provided by our team:

  • monitoring or escorting the movement of cash or valuables on campus
  • sales transaction monitoring at events
  • crowd or traffic control

We can however, assist with addressing related security needs, devising plans and connecting you with the appropriate external resources to support the above duties.

Security systems infrastructure

Our team also provides services to support the planning and management of security systems infrastructure on campus. This may including building perimeter systems and client systems, which can include card readers, door contact alarms, locking automation, motion detectors, security cameras and more.

Our team works with departments across the university to provide infrastructure planning and installation services, as well as ongoing infrastructure support and management. The prices for the equipment and installation, and the maintenance (circumstance may vary depending on cause of issue) and monitoring is found below.


Price range of equipment and installation

Price of accompanying annual support (mandatory)



Maintenance: $179.00

Monitoring: $180.00

Total: $359.00

Panel Setup


Total: $301.93

Card Readers with Panel Setup


Maintenance: $383.07

Monitoring: $240.00

Total: $925.00

Card Readers without Panel Setup


Maintenance: $383.07



Day/night Relay without Panel Setup


Maintenance: $110.00

Monitoring: $30.00

Total :$140.00

Intrusion System (single door)


Maintenance: $32.00

Monitoring $30.00:

Total: $62.00

Motion Detectors


Maintenance: $16.00

Monitoring: $15.00

Total: $31.00

Panic Button


Maintenance:  $16.00

Monitoring: $15.00

Total: $31.00

Panic Pull Station


Maintenance:  $16.00

Monitoring: $15.00

Total: $31.00

Special Panic Pull Station


Maintenance:  $16.00

Monitoring: $15.00

Total: $31.00

* Price varies to site condition, type of devices, available infrastructure

**Cabling/Conduit, door hardware, and physical infrastructure not included in pricing

***Although this is a cost of maintenance and monitoring, both services are required.


If you have any questions about any of these chargeback services, please contact us at 416-979-5040 or at