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Dr. Simant Upreti

Simant Upreti
Professor, Associate Chair (Undergraduate Studies), Co-op Faculty Advisor
BTech, MTech, PhD, PEng
416-979-5000 ext. 556344

Areas of Research Interest

Artificial intelligence

Optimal control and optimization

Process modeling and simulation


Year University Degree
2000 University of Calgary PhD
1995 Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
1991 Harcourt Butler Technological Institute, Kanpur BTech

Selected Courses

Course Code Course Title
CE 8610 Artificial Intelligence in Chemical Engineering
CE 8203 Applied Optimal Control
CE 8204 Advanced Modeling Techniques


Simant Upreti remembers exactly what it was like to be a student far away from home. “When I arrived in North America, I knew no one,” he says. “My supervisor was kind enough to introduce me to other students, and that made the transition so much easier.”

Upreti has been paying it forward ever since, helping his students adapt quickly to the university environment, and training them to express themselves more clearly. These efforts are well worth it, he says. “When people from different educational systems come together, they gain insights from one another. The more diverse the classroom, the better.”

Every student is, of course, different, and Upreti tries to mentor them according to their individual interests and talents. “Some students are better at experimental work. Some are more imaginative with models and equations. In whatever area they need help, I am here for them.”

Simant Upreti

“The more diverse the classroom, the better.”

Journal Articles

  • Dutta, D., Upreti, S.R. A multiple neural network and reinforcement learning-based strategy for process control (2023) Journal of Process Control, 121, pp. 103-118.
  • Dutta, D., Upreti, S.R. A survey and comparative evaluation of actor-critic methods in process control (2022) Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 100 (9), pp. 2028-2056.
  • Dutta, D., Upreti, S.R. Artificial intelligence-based process control in chemical, biochemical, and biomedical engineering (2021) Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 99 (11), pp. 2467- 2504.


  • Upreti S. R., Process Modeling and Simulation for Chemical Engineers: Theory and Practice. John Wiley & Sons Inc., New Jersey, 2017.
  • Upreti S. R., Optimal Control for Chemical Engineers. CRC Press, Florida, 2013.


  • Associate Editor, The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering
  • Director of Student Affairs, Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering