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Dr. Ramdhane Dhib

Ramdhane Dhib
BSc, MSc, PhD
416-979-5000 ext. 556343

Areas of Academic Interest

Polymer reaction engineering

Process modeling

Process optimization

Process control


Year University Degree
1995 Sherbrooke University PhD
1983 Bradford University MSc
1981 Bradford University

Selected Courses

Course Code Course Title
CHE 214 Thermodynamics II
CHE 430 Process Control
CE8502 Polymerization Reaction Engineering


“To be an engineer,” says Ramdhane Dhib, “confidence is essential.” He’s not referring to bravado or ego, of course. The confidence that Dhib knows has true value is the kind that comes from education, training and application. “It gives your words conviction, and it signals to your employers and peers that they can trust you.”

Dhib attributes his own confidence as a professor to his 20 years in the classroom. The key, he says, is to keep students active by asking lots of questions, and giving them opportunities for training in areas that will ensure they’re in demand when they graduate. “I make sure my grad students know how to run experiments, and do simulations and high-level computer programming.”

And when it comes to developing self-assuredness in undergraduates, Dhib is quick to champion the value of the chemical engineering department’s co-operative education program. “Because of the work experience they get here, our students know they have tangible skills to offer industry.” This means they’ll feel comfortable enough to present their own solutions and ideas, even in their first few months on the job. “What a positive way to begin a brand new career,” he says.

Ramdhane Dhib

“To reach your full potential, you have to study to learn—not just to pass a test.”

  • NSERC DC Grant Competition 2013
  • Regmi U.K., M. Mehrvar and R. Dhib, Single and Two-step Procedures of AGETEmulsion ATRP of Methyl Methacrylate in a Well-Mixed Batch Reactor, J. APPL. POLYM. SCI. 2017, DOI: 10.1002/APP.45308
  • Hamad D., M. Mehrvar and R. Dhib, Experimental Study of Polyvinyl Alcohol Degradation in Aqueous Solution by UV/H2O2 Process, Polymer Degradation and Stability, V.103 (2014) 75-82.
  • Roudsari S.F., F.E.M. and Ramdhane Dhib, Use of CFD in Modeling MMA Solution Polymerization in a CSTR, Chem. Eng. J., V.219 (2013) 429–442.
  • Jacob N.C. and R. Dhib, Unscented Kalman filter based nonlinear model predictive control of a LDPE autoclave reactor, J. Process Control, V. 21 (2011) 1332– 1344.
  • Process Engineering

  • Member of the Technical Committee, CSChE to be held in 2018 Toronto.
  • Conference Chair: 9th ICTEA Abu-Dhabi, UAE March 24-26, 2016.