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Dr. Chil-Hung Cheng

Chil-Hung Cheng
Associate Professor
BSc, PhD, PEng
416-979-5000 ext. 557312

Areas of Academic Interest

Nanoporous materials

Crystal engineering

Heterogeneous catalysis


Year University Degree
2005 Texas A&M University
1996 Nat’l Chung Cheng University MASc
1994 Nat’l Central University BSc

Selected Courses

Course Code Course Title
CHE 319 Process Modeling & Simulation
CHE 420 Particulate Engineering
CE8604 Advances in Porous Materials


In Chil-Hung Cheng’s lab, something is always cooking. Cheng is developing recipes for creating porous materials with structures that can selectively capture different molecules. The technology could help lead to a greener world, particularly in the case of coal plants where porous membranes could be used to bind harmful greenhouse gases before they reach the atmosphere.

"Porous materials have phenomenal functionalities,” says Cheng. “The critical point is figuring out how to synthesize the unique structure, which is what I'm focusing on.”

However, predicting membrane structure is a challenging process. “You put liquid inside a container, bake it, and sometimes it’s a needle shape and sometimes it’s a disk,” says Cheng. “We don’t understand how it forms yet. But in the next five years, I want to find out.”

Chil-Hung Cheng

“We’re trying to reduce the harmful effects of greenhouse gases.”

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