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When revisiting your assessments,

  • Ensure your learning outcomes align with your assessments 
  • Revisit methods of assessment and weighting
  • Design assessments that maintain academic integrity

While transitioning to a remote environment, some assessments will work with minor adjustments, while others may require a whole new approach. Either way, this is an opportunity to rethink your existing assessments and come up with creative solutions to both  (google doc) formative and summative assessments (external link, opens in new window) 

Ways to adapt

Below are some suggestions for how to adjust assessment in your course.

  • Before students watch a pre-recorded video of a lab, ask them to write the procedure and their hypotheses and submit it through D2L Brightspace. (opens in new window) 
  • Provide students with the results of the lab, or a dataset, and ask them to interpret those results through a lab report or graphic representation and submit it through D2L Brightspace.  (opens in new window) 
  • Rather than having students physically performing a lab, ask them to write a step-by-step process of how they would carry out a particular test, and what considerations would they make (e.g., equipment, controls, safety) and submit it through D2L Brightspace. (opens in new window) 
  • State expectations, but allow extensions for students who have difficulties meeting deadlines. Be as flexible as possible. Be ready to handle requests for extensions or accommodations equitably.
  • Consider saving files in two formats, the original format and an accessible, mobile-friendly format such as PDF. 
  • For more details, take a look at this pressbook for creating accessible documents (opens in new window) .