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TMU’s Faculty of Arts comprises ten humanities and social science departments. Serving a dual role within the University, the Faculty of Arts combines a liberal arts education with TMU's unique brand of relevant, practical learning.

The Faculty of Arts is a leader in providing innovative programming, high-quality teaching, and groundbreaking research. Our students and faculty have access to state-of-the-art technology and research laboratories. Our social science and humanities programs will deepen students’ analytical understanding of how ideas and philosophies can be set in meaningful dialogue, and help them gain valuable skills in research engagement and communication, which are essential for success in today's economy and in all facets of life.

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Law and order is only the beginning of criminology.


Economics is a global game with high stakes, and its key players have the expertise and insights to score big in business and finance.



Literature brings the world to life in creative ways, animating our engagement with diverse identities, cultures, and time periods.

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Geography & Environmental Studies

Geography is understanding of the relationships among people, environment, location, and distance.

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Historians explore the diversity and complexity of human experience from ancient societies to the 21st century.

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Languages, Literatures & Cultures

What is the connection between language and identity? What does the way we speak say about who we are, where we come from and how we got here?

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What is the purpose of life? What are our obligations to each other and the environment? What is the true nature of human knowledge, beauty, power, and God?

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Politics & Public Administration

Our way of life is shaped by the rules of government — but how do we decide on the best way to manage ourselves and society?

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Why do we think, feel and behave the way we do?

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We shape the world, and the world shapes us — and sociologists tell us how it happens and what it means.