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Zone Learning Navigators

Starting something new can be scary. Luckily, you don’t have to do it alone.

We – the Zone Learning Navigators – are here to guide you through the services and opportunities within the Zone Learning Network. 

Let us be your point-of-contact when you are confused about where to go or what support and services are available. Zone Learning offers courses, paid placements and startup incubators – and, now, people to talk to about how to get access to them.

Whether you’re interested in joining a Zone, learning about our elective courses, exploring paid student opportunities, or just want to find out what’s available, we can guide you to the right place.

Not sure where to get started? Take our short quiz (external link)  to find out!

Programs & Services

Take an innovation-focused elective!

Did you know Zone Learning offers courses? Yes we do – and anyone can take them!

On top of school work and extracurriculars, building a project or venture may seem like a daunting task, but if it’s something you’re passionate about, you should do it. Our elective courses (ZON100, ZON200, DG8116) are unique opportunities that allow you to find out what you’re passionate about, and then explore those passions by giving you hands-on-experience through growing a project or a venture. You’ll get one-on-one mentorship and the opportunity to connect with other students from across campus all at the same stage you are. 

The best part? It all counts towards your degree. Both undergraduate courses also help you get on the path towards an academic Minor in Innovation and Zone Learning.

Click here to connect with an Education Experience Navigator + Instructor to learn about our courses.

Your degree gets you a foot in the door. We’re how you get all the way in.

You don’t need to have your own idea to benefit from zones – and you definitely don’t need to be an entrepreneur. Startups need help to grow and zones offer skill-building programs designed to help students become more career ready. This means that a zone can help you get resume-building experience through work placements or short-term projects. This can range from helping someone brainstorm ideas to solve a project, to helping a startup reach a milestone. 

No specific skills are required – we’ll work with you to find an opportunity that fits your interests and schedule. Many of these opportunities are PAID (yes, you read that right) learning opportunities for students. From hackathons and challenges, to apprenticeships and community-based projects, we have the right opportunity for you.

Click here to connect with a Student Placement Navigator to take the first step!

Let us be the side hustle to your degree!

Whether you’re at the very beginning or already on your way, there’s an opportunity for you to grow your idea through a zone experience. We have startup advisors – current and former entrepreneurs – who know what it takes to build something of your own. They can help connect you with industry insiders, others working on similar projects, and zone programs that provide you with the structure and space to take your idea to the next level. 

Not sure where to get started? A lot of students bring their capstones, MRPs, research, class projects or event graduate theses into a zone. Your interest and engagement are a must-have. Business skills are not. 

Click here to connect with a Startup Development Navigator about the idea you’re sitting on.

The only zone we don’t have is a comfort zone.

Not everyone knows what they want to do. Most people have a lot of interests and only a little bit of time. That can be confusing, especially when you’re trying to figure out how to make use of zones like so many other TMU students already have. 

So, you’re not sure where to start. Okay. Start here (external link) .

Our events range from overnight hackathons, to improv classes, to pastry-filled breakfasts. What do they have in common? They're all places you can meet people who are in the same boat as you. That’s important because talking to people experiencing the same challenges can help you feel more comfortable with, well, getting out of your comfort zone. 

Click here to connect with a Student Engagement Navigator who can help you find the event that’s just right for you.


Meet the Zone Learning Navigators!

Headshot of Zone Learning Navigator Paul

Paul Hacking

Student Placement Navigator

Talk to me about

  • What kind of skills you can learn through workshops
  • How you can gain resume experience by participathing in a hackathon
  • How to get PAID
Headshot of Zone Learning Navigator JP

JP Silva

Education Experience Navigator + Instructor

Talk to me about

  • Pursuing a passion project and counting it towards your degree
  • Meeting like-minded and driven students from all around the university
  • Pursuing a Minor in Innovation and developing skills and confidence to achieve real world impact
Headshot of Zone Learning Navigator Ryan

Ryan Wilock

Startup Development Navigator

Talk to me about

  • How to know if your idea is good enough
  • When your side hustle should become your full-time gig

Send me an email at

Still have questions?

Send us an e-mail at or DM us on Instagram at @zonestmu (external link) .