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Cobalt AI is a Toronto-based legal technology and services company that leverages AI and a sophisticated data model to solve complicated large volume document drafting, review and insight gathering tasks.

EuroPassport is the first online service helping people process their European citizenship based on ancestry, from beginning to end. Our online service and software will reduce the costs and complexity of the immigration process assisting immigration lawyers around the world and facilitating the ordering of documents worldwide.

Notary Pro Canada offers a modern notarization experience by delivering fast, friendly and affordable services for in-person and remote online notarization.

Vaultie is a secure digital signature platform that utilizes blockchain and AI tethers to create immutable and fully authenticatable legal documents including contracts, notarizations and any other signed document.

goHeather solves the small business problem of expensive severance and expensive employment lawyers.

With goHeather, organizations can automate, send, sign and store powerful employment contracts for an affordable price.

Lawbrokr is a Sales & Marketing Platform for Law Firms. Focused on building software to support how law firms pre-qualify leads, Lawbrokr augments a law firms online presence and captures more data through frictionless workflows, that guide the consumer through the legal services of your firm. As an add on compliment to a firm’s legal practice management tool, all data captured is funnelled into the tools you already know and love!

Paqt is a digital agreement and negotiation platform. It adds the accountability layer, reduces legal risk, cuts costs and speeds up the agreement cycle.

Zibbit is an exhibit manager for Microsoft Word that assembles court documents for electronic filing.

Doormat is your modern real estate lawyer; it provides a simple and transparent online experience to bring your property from offer to close.

Goodfact instantly reveals the story behind your documents by parsing email threads and generating a fully- interactive chronology in seconds.

Legalboards is a management system framework, designed to be tiny, precise and focused on individual legal practice areas.

Philer is an AI-powered platform that automates real estate closings for lawyers.

We are former estate lawyers who believe that planning for the future and protecting your family shouldn’t cost a fortune. That’s why we started Epilogue.

Immitracker is an immigration application tracker and service marketplace for immigrants relocating to leading countries. Through crowdsourcing immigration data, its platform helps immigrants track their cases and estimate processing times and next steps. Upon arrival, its concierge service connects them to a marketplace of newcomer offerings in Canada and Australia.

NLPatent is an online tool that uses AI to evaluate the patentability of new ideas. Our ultimate goal is to predict the success of patent applications.

Rally is an all-in-one intake, automation, collaboration, and company management tool that connects law firms to clients and increases retention in more ways than ever before.

Aleri has created a digital workbook for lawyers to easily document and transform legal brainstorming notes into complete cross-examination questions. Our value proposition is to reduce the administrative stress of maintaining several notes so that lawyers can focus on high-level thinking activities- including strategy, execution & winning their cases.

CiteRight is a next-generation knowledge platform that lets litigators at elite law firms find and recycle their colleagues’ knowledge, experience, and successes.

CounselConnect is a value-centric legal referral platform that expedites the process of finding top-rated legal assistance using a smart questionnaire and a comprehensive case-pool.

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GetQuorum is an e-proxy tool created to help condominium corporations and its unitholders reach quorum and pass bylaws at owner meetings. The e-proxy tool is simple, secure and Condo Act compliant. It was created to address a prevalent, recurring and expensive problem in the Canadian condominium marketplace – the failure of condominium corporations to reach quorum, a problem that prevents condominium owners from realizing their legal right to vote to on important owner meeting items such as director nominations and approval of special bylaws. 




Condominum Corporations and Property Management Companies

Lienfluent is a collaborative public registry due diligence platform.  Powered by machine learning, Lienfluent saves lawyers and lenders time and eliminates common errors.

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MYP© provides streamlined way to obtain development and land use-planning information on a property level. MapYourProperty is considered the next Zillow or for land and real estate development. Our online platform simplifies the process of collecting regulatory and governmental planning information by conducting assessment of a property in minutes. By using our interactive platform, real estate developers and planners save days of effort hunting down information in government offices. 


Real Estate Analytics for Real Estate and Land Development


Real Estate law and developers, planning engineering firms


Vesta is a platform that enables survivors of sexual assault to document and record their story while supporting the investigative and legal process, if they chose to report.

Alexi is a service for answering complex legal questions at scale. By design, we are aggregating the world’s legal research data in order to build a truly autonomous lawyer. Specifically, Alexsei is a web-based platform that provides a fast and affordable service for lawyers to get answers to their legal research questions and a user interface for lawyers to manage all their legal research data.

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Clausehound is a legal tech company that creates software solutions to innovate the way that professional industries interact with legal documents and commercial negotiations. Clausehound’s flagship platform, DealPrep, is a highly-customizable and easy-to-use digital platform that helps companies simplify their document handling processes through document automation tools, negotiation automation tools, and knowledge capture tools.


Legal Tech, Legal Knowledge and Research, Artificial Intelligence, Document Automation, Negotiation Automation


Small Businesses, Startups, SMEs, Enterprise, SaaS, Law Firms, Consulting Firms, Financial Institutions, Product/Service Companies, Educational Institutions

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Diligen is a legal technology company with software that dramatically improves the due diligence process for M&A and Corporate Finance transactions at larger law firms. Diligen streamlines due diligence by combining automatic contract review with collaborative project management. Using the latest machine learning algorithms, it reviews thousands of complex documents at a time, rapidly extracting key provisions with pinpoint accuracy. It allows you to assign documents and track progress with ease, even if the transaction is being worked on by multiple offices across the globe.


Due diligence software that combines artificial intelligence with project management for faster, more efficient legal due diligence


Large and mid sized law firms doing M&A and corporate finance transactions

Jurisage helps lawyers access case law insights through browser extensions and case law dashboards.

Loom is extracting metadata from Canadian case law to provide analytics such as win/loss rates and publication times based on factors such as the facts of the case, type of motion or trial and the judge or master who heard the case. These historical statistics are extracted using a combination of machine learning and lawyers.

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About is a website that lets lawyers and trustees publish legal notices online at a fraction of the cost of print advertising. Notices on the site are indexed to Google (the site is search-engine optimized), republished on social media platforms, and directly sent to subscribers.



Lawyers, Estate Trustees

Visto is a free platform that helps tech workers navigate the Canadian immigration process from start to finish.

Arextech is a real estate technology platform. Conceptualize, design and develop easy-to-use and visual solutions in the global cloud. Making complex processes and systems automated and agile. Providing complex workflow solutions using the latest technologies. Our solutions are scalable for all business sizes: small teams to large corporations.

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Evichat is an eDiscovery tool that allows lawyers to efficiently collect and review mobile communications and social media data from litigants – reducing costs, resources, and time spent on the file. Our top-down scrolling interface allows lawyers to review collected data/evidence as it would appear on the mobile device itself, making review easy and natural.


eDiscovery Platform for Social Media and SMS


Law firms and lawyers

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MIDO is on a mission to make sharing, requesting and organizing documents easy and secure. If you're a business collecting documents from your clients or customers, we're here for you! 

Paperstack is a platform that helps e-commerce sellers aggregate all their financial data in one place, automate monthly bookkeeping, and provides financial insights. Fractional CFO for your online store.

Willfora helps people create legal Wills and Emergency Care plans online from the comfort of their home.

BorderPass is a visa and newcomer management platform. Users are guided throughout their entire journey ensuring they stay on track to reach their immigration goals.

Compliance Works is on a mission to make HR compliance simple, easy, and accessible, no matter the size or complexity of your business.


Founded is a digital legal platform that makes it easy and affordable for entrepreneurs to start and run their business with confidence. 


Legal Services Platform


Small Businesses

Lexata logo


Lexata is an intelligent securities law research system. It uses sophisticated computing techniques to find the most relevant rules when a user searches the database.

Lexata helps in-house and external counsel find answers to securities law questions quickly, using google-like searches, with no research training required.


Capital Markets Regulation

MinuteBox is a tool for corporate law firms. Physical corporate minute books and record books are binders of corporate information sitting on law firm shelves. They are an archaic form of records management. Using MinuteBox, law firms will be able to generate requisite minute book documents in seconds, greatly reducing costs and human error.

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ParDONE is an online platform that helps individuals with a criminal record go through the record suspension process from the comfort of their home. We want to ensure that Canadians are exercising their legal right to prevent their past criminal records from allowing them to live a life without barriers. At our core, ParDONE operates on Innovation, Individuality, Inclusivity, and Impact.


Record suspension/Pardon


20K record suspension applicants per year