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Our Priorities

TMU Quad looking south west with lush green trees and grass on a sunny day.

TMU is a university constantly on the move with several initiatives underway. While departments lead these initiatives, the Office of the Vice-President, Administration and Operations supports some of the key priorities that are important for the life and work of the students, faculty and staff. 

Examples include the pedestrianization and animation of Gould Street, the transformation of food options and the inclusion of sustainability as a pivotal feature of campus facilities and capital projects. In these and other cases, when a priority initiative is well underway it is handed over to one of the AOMG teams to manage and grow.

Here are several priorities we’re proud to support and/or have helped launch.

Academic Plan

The Administration & Operations Management Group (AOMG) provides services to the TMU community to assist in meeting the priorities of the Academic Plan.


Accessible learning and working environments are essential for the success of TMU’s students, faculty and staff.

Campus Development

TMU is a city based campus requiring smart planning to grow - often vertically, and by making use of scarce space sustainably.

Campus Master Plan

The Plan identifies goals to build inclusive, vibrant spaces in a diverse and urban destination. It outlines the need to continue to build high-quality spaces for scholarly, research and creative activities, as well as ensuring our spaces promote health and wellbeing.


Communications was one of the AOMG’s strategic objectives.  We now have a team of communications professionals committed to promoting the successes, processes and initiatives of the administration and operations departments.

TMU Eats

Food at TMU has been completely revamped to include more local, nutritious and cooked from scratch meals.  Great taste, local and sustainable sourcing – these are some of the main ingredients for nurturing a healthy university community.

Student Experience

Providing students with exceptional experiences is an Academic Plan priority – it is also one of the AOMG’s strategic objectives. Working with the Executive Director, Student Affairs and the Advisor on Outreach and Access, the AOMG is developing a plan for student engagement across its departments.


Sustainability is integrated in our values, decision-making and operations. Recognizing its importance to our future, we are working with the TMU community to improve how the campus performs economically, socially and environmentally.

Update on Renaming Activities for VPAO

In the vice-president, administration and operations portfolio, we’re thrilled about our university’s new name. As a team, we’re supporting the implementation in a number of ways.

Work Life

Approximately 3,500 people work at TMU - a place where they spend most of their waking hours. It is crucial to chart a happy and healthy work life. It benefits both the university and the employees.