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Samira Soltani

With a journalism and social media background, Samira has always been fascinated by different ways of storytelling. Over time, observing how traditional media fails to keep up with the rapid evolution of technology, she developed an interest in future technologies and media with a promising potential for storytelling and art, including interactive digital narrative and virtual reality. However, Samira quickly realized that pursuing these interests can be challenging, especially without a technical background. Master of Digital Media at TMU allowed her to break into this new world and learn more about virtual reality and interactive digital narrative.

Now, Samira is pursuing her passion for art, extended reality and Interactive digital storytelling in a new project called XRT Studio.

Project Description

XRT Studio

XRT Studio is a video series that delves into the world of art and the endless possibilities of extended reality. With the latest news and updates in this realm, XRT Media is a platform to keep up with all the exciting developments and advancements in this field. Not only that, but XRT Media also provides information on art exhibitions that are happening nearby or far away, making it easier for XRT enthusiasts to stay in the loop.