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Music Den

The Music Den develops economic, artistic and social opportunities for innovators in music, offering access to educational workshops, coworking space, studios and equipment, showcase opportunities, and a unique network of students, entrepreneurs and industry professionals. 

The Music Den is housed within the Transmedia Zone, Toronto’s leading incubator for innovative independent creators, integrated directly with the in Professional Music program and supported by an advisory board of industry professionals.

We work based on your needs, and presents a variety of operational benefits learning opportunities, including:

  • Educational Workshops
  • Coworking Space in Downtown Toronto
  • Studios and Equipment
  • Conference, Pitching, and Showcase opportunities
  • Bookable Event Space
  • International Partners and Opportunities
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Want to be a part of the Music Den? 

Fill out our application, get invited to our pitch day for an interview/presentation.

Accepting applications now!

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Are you a student? 

The TZ Student League is how TMU storytellers and media changemakers can collaborate and join the TZ, Music Den, and Innovation Studio community.

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Programs Coordinator, TZ & Music Den

Tamer Gargour was born with a passion for connection and creation, which has led him to being an accomplished musician performing to crowds of over 30 thousand spectators, a content creator and host for Redbull radio, and an award nominated morning radio talk-show host who has interviewed everyone from rock royalty, to actual royalty. Tamer also realizes the importance of the business of creativity, and has been utilizing his legal and business background, to best serve the creative community and help them prepare for the road ahead. 

Having recently graduated with a Master of Digital Media degree, Tamer’s multicultural and inclusive approach to creativity, resulted in the creation of a limited podcast series ‘Travelling While Arab’, which put a spotlight on the challenges and pitfalls of travelling while Arab in this technological age. Tamer continues to work within the media industry as a live-streamer, songwriter and performer. His songs have found millions of views across social media, and he is currently completing a 2 month residency at Expo 2020 Dubai, playing bass and performing in an interactive theatre performance that helps Arabic learning be fun and creative for parents and their kids. Tamer Gargour might be considered a Jack of most trades and master of a select few, but he brings all of them to his role at the Music Den, and can’t wait to build the next great wave of Canadian music innovation.