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The TZ Vision

Our mission is to help creative minds navigate and succeed in a complicated media landscape. We’ve designed a program crafted to help them take their project and business to the next level, covering key topics like story structure, lean startup methodology, financing, pitching, discoverability, brand storytelling, media training and so much more. We disrupt the usual ideas from Silicon Valley, and adapt it to make sense for a more equitable and creative world.

The Transmedia Zone is a community focused incubator for innovation and reative experimentation in storytelling across entertainment media platforms. 

The TZ Supports storytellers, creators, artists, and innovators with a strong unique and authentic point of view, and a clear mission and deserie to develop new and exciting media experiences. At TZ, innovation takes many forms and in our context, it can mean: 

  • Using new platforms
  • Remixing or reimagining traditional storytelling formats
  • Reaching new audiences
  • Creating new platforms to support storytelling


Digital Creators / E-Sports (Twitch, YouTube, TikTok, etc.)


Story Centred Tech (apps/platforms/products)

TV/Web Series


Journalism/Live Journalism

Video Games


Interactive Theatre Experiences

Innovation in Music

Something yet to be invented that you're making right now...

Is it moving forward the art of storytelling and entertainment? Then, yes.

TZ is a place for the next wave of entertainment media and storytelling projects. To us, "innovative" doesn't just mean technological advances.

Are you serving an underrepresented community?

Are you taking a new approach?

Are you making it easier to bring new and important stories to the forefront?

And if you're a changemaker in the music industry, you'll be a great fit for our Music Den.

TZ Selects:

  • Year round
  • Fill out your application and get invited to our bi-monthly pitch day for an interview/presentation

TZ Summer or Winter:

  • Our 6 week personalized cohorts bringin the most innovative entertainment projects and founders together
  • Winter - February/March
  • Summer - July/August

TZ Student League:

  • The way TMU storytellers and media changemakers can collaborate and join the TZ, Music Den, and Innovation Studio community


Our incubator is for all Canadian storytellers. For our bespoke zone learning approach to be the most effective, we need folks from all ages, backgrounds, education levels, and viewpoints. 

Downtown Toronto Work & Meeting Space


Community Support

Funding Workshops

Access to Talent

Radio/Podcasting Studios

Market Insight and Research

Entrepreneurship 101 Sessions

Commes & Media Training

Brand Storytelling

Discounted Conferences



Access to HQ, the Innovation Studio's event and performance space

Dedicated Desks, Board Rooms, and a Creative Storytelling Meeting Room

Plus, access to free resources from TMU, such as: Radio Studios, the Equipment Distribution Centre, Adobe Creative Cloud, Autodesk, and more!

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Who are you?

TZ members are a community, we prioritize the whole journey, and not just one part of it. Our entrepreneurs are put on personal bespoke roadmaps, developed with industry professionals, and brought to life, with one-on-one strategic advising sessions, giving our teams the chance to meet and learn from a roster of industry specific mentors. TZ members collide and collab with industry leaders, the latest research, top facilities, and can engage weekly with the innovative and passionate minds of TZ members past and present who are blazing a new trail forward in Canadian entertainment and media.

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Member Perks
  • Work & meeting space Downtown Toronto
  • Access to next generation of talent
  • Radio & Podcasting Studios and the TZ Creator Space
  • Up to date market insight and research
  • Discounted conferences
  • access to HQ, the Innovation Studio's event and performance space,
  • dedicated desks, board rooms and a creative storytelling meeting room
  • Free rentals of TV/Film equipment via the Equipment Distribution Centre
  • Free access to  creative cloud, Autodesk and more.