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Jessalyn George

Combining the skills from her Media Production major and entrepreneurial mindset, Jessy's talents reside where creativity and business intersect. No matter the medium, she strives to create work that is meaningful. As a woman of colour crafting a career in the creative industries, Jessy hopes to leave an impact that amplifies and unites underrepresented communities. Upon completion of her undergraduate degree, Jessy desires to relocate out of Toronto to a place that’s warm all year round with palm trees. Outside of school and work, you can typically find Jessy sipping on a hot cup of tea while visualizing her life out on Pinterest.

Project Description

The Lowkey Artist

The Lowkey Artist is a community-centric platform for Toronto-based artists of colour. This podcast amplifies the underrepresented, and the up-and-coming. For every cohort of episodes, we host a specially curated, end-of-season exhibition. These celebrate the talents of each featured artist, and create a safe space for those from marginalized backgrounds. Be sure to tune and support The Lowkey Artist as we strive to empower the next generation of people fueling the city’s creative scene.