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Emilio Mounsef 

Emilio Mounsef is an aspiring TV series and documentary filmmaker who graduated with honors with a Bachelor of Arts in TV and Film from the Lebanese American University in 2019. Emilio has a deep passion for directing films and series ever since he was 14 years old and he is interested in directing fictional drama more than any other genre. He has worked on several Film and Television sets in Lebanon as a second and third assistant director, and as a production manager, working with various renowned Arab directors and producers. Emilio already has three short films under his belt and is currently based in Toronto, pursuing an MFA in Documentary Media at Toronto Metropolitan University.

Project Description

Platoon Seven

After the catastrophic explosion that devastated Lebanon’s capital, Beirut, on August 4th, 2020, the families of the 10 firefighters that made up Platoon Seven struggle with accepting the death of their loved ones, moving on, and most of all, finding justice. 

Platoon Seven were not aware of the Ammonium Nitrate that was found in the warehouse they were sent to. None of the Lebanese citizens knew. Had such information been made public, a completely different scenario would have taken place. On August 5th, 2020, all of Lebanon came together to lift what remained of Beirut and search for the missing and the dead. All members of Platoon Seven were eventually found in the rubble, some with missing body parts. Their families are in shock, denial, and anger. Why did this happen? How could this have happened? Who is responsible? Questions that remain unanswered. The Lebanese government gave several promises that those responsible will be severely punished but such promises were never kept.

Two years, and justice has not been served. Two years, and the families of the firefighters are continuously fighting the battle for justice alone. What has their life become? The purpose behind this documentary is to honor the members of Platoon Seven and tell their story, but more importantly, to tell the story of their families, the ones who suffered the most.  The Beirut explosion is a catastrophe that did not randomly happen. It is the result of a 32-year cycle of corruption, fraud, and chaos. A huge part of Lebanon’s history remains untold. I do not want the Beirut explosion to not go down in history. It must! Because what happened on that day is a crime against humanity. The Lebanese 9/11.