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Chidinma Azabuike

As a Podcaster/Content Creator, Chid is the Founder and Host of the “But What Do I Know?” Podcast, a 2X Award Nominated Self-Improvement and Education platform. She created this podcast and community as an ode to the way in which People of Colour, especially Women of Colour often diminish their own knowledge and experiences in spaces where they may not feel completely affirmed and encouraged. So therefore, in this space, our community is affirmed, healing is prioritized and conversations with guest experts provide tools and methods to navigate various facets of life, hereby helping our community of listeners overcome their “but what do I know?” moments.

Project Description

But What Do I Know?

No longer are we hiding behind the phrase "But What Do I Know?”. On this 2x award-nominated podcast, we are affirming our knowledge as well as learning and healing from our experiences.

Join your host Chid Suzan every other Wednesday to “Clue In” to the latest pop culture news and current affairs, from R&B and Afrobeats music releases to geo-political matters. Following this, Chid is sure to be joined by a guest expert for conversations related to “relationships”, “personal and professional growth”, "wellness" as well as “finances”. These “Main Segment” conversations are meant for deeper reflection, and self-discovery so get ready to overcome your own “But What Do I Know?” moments.