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Anto Chan

Anto is a spoken word performance artist, writer, facilitator, entrepreneur, speaker, producer & ECE caregiver. He performed his one-person show "Love So Far” at the Montreal Fringe Festival in 2019. 

He was featured on Guelph Poetry Slam, Hong Kong Comedy Festival & the CBC’s the National. 

He co-curated and hosted the variety show "FreeFlow Showcase, and his poetry chapbook Romantic Reflections was released in 2020.

Project Description


Through this project we hope to engage multi-generational audiences in the Asian community, with an emphasis on Asian youth. The programming is intended to draw in Asian audiences through representation that reflects them. We hope to connect with Asian community members across the diaspora as well as newcomers, LGBTQIA+ audiences as well as those interested in diverse perspectives on the second-generation Asian experience.