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The admission committee will consider all aspects of the applicant’s academic and professional background, with the goal of selecting students who are best aligned with faculty studies/research and can make a significant contribution to Ted Rogers School of Management’s research program.

Admission requirements

Full-time and part-time applicants seeking admission to the PhD in Management program must have:

  • Master of Science in Management, Master of Management, Master of Business Administration or other related graduate level management degree (If an applicant does not hold a research-based master’s degree and/or their degree is in a field of management, additional research and/or foundational management coursework may be required.)
  • All post-secondary transcripts must be included when submitting an application and a  research methods course must be included in the transcript (If this knowledge is not evident, applicants must successfully complete research methods coursework equivalent to SM 8103 and SM 8104.)

GPA Minimum 3.33 / 4.33 (B+ or equivalent) in a master’s program


CV / Resume outlining your academic and professional accomplishments which may include:

  • demonstrated graduate level research capability and/or potential (e.g., Thesis, MRP, Peer Reviewed Journal article, Conference Presentations)
  • graduate or research assistantship roles
  • relevant industry-specific work experience


Applicants are required to submit two letters of recommendation from referees:

  • One academic recommendation: Ensure the professor knows your academic accomplishments well and can describe them.
  • One professional recommendation: This reference should come from a supervisor who is familiar with your professional accomplishments (e.g., relevant skills/knowledge, leadership).

At least one academic reference is required.


A maximum 750 word research statement to include the following:

  • outline of your reasons for applying to the PhD in Management program, including your career objectives
  • your research interests/plan that you wish to pursue as a possible dissertation topic while in the program
  • how your previous studies and experiences have shaped your research interests
  • identification of at least two to three potential supervisors. Please explain why the faculty members you have chosen would be a good match for your research

We accept valid scores from the original GMAT and the GMAT Focus Edition exam, as well as valid scores from the new and the original GRE General Test. Please visit the test provider’s websites for more information.

Your highest valid GMAT (external link)  score will be used for consideration. An official GMAT score should be submitted using GMAT code 3QP-56-33. A GRE (external link)  score can also be considered in place of a GMAT score. GRE reports can be submitted using GRE code 1991. A copy of a GMAT or GRE score report must also be uploaded to your application. 

Admit Master is a professional GMAT preparation provider. Ted Rogers School of Management applicants can access a Free practice GMAT test (external link, opens in new window)  through this provider by filling out a form. 

  • you have not completed two or more years of full-time studies at a Canadian university or at a university where English was the primary language of instruction
  • you have not completed a graduate degree at a university where English was the primary language of instruction

For more information and a list of accepted tests and scores, visit the YSGPS Admission Requirements page.


  • Applications that meet our admission criteria will be reviewed by potential supervisors identified in your statement of intent. We encourage you to reach out to potential supervisors as you complete the application process.
  • Finding a match with a supervisor is required in order to be admitted to the PhD in Management program in addition to meeting all other admission requirements. Applications that do not identify a potential supervisor will not be considered.
  • Interview: An online or in-person interview with the potential supervisor and the admissions committee may be required.


How do I identify a specific supervisor?

Since the PhD in Management program is research-based, we put a lot of effort into matching all of the applicants with a potential supervisor before they are admitted to the program.

The easiest way to browse through the Ted Rogers School’s faculty is by visiting the faculty supervisors list. You can sort through faculty members based on their research interests and visit their individual profiles to learn more about their areas of expertise. Most faculty members have a list of their recent publications. It might be a good idea to locate some of the articles online and read through them. Many of our faculty members have LinkedIn profiles, which offer an additional opportunity to learn more about a professor’s background and research interests.

Reach out

Once you identify one or more suitable supervisors, we encourage you to reach out, via email, to let them know that you are interested in working with them. Introduce yourself as an applicant to the PhD in Management program and describe your proposed research topic as well as why you believe they would make a suitable supervisor.