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Faculty supervisors

Andre Laplume
Dr. André Laplume, Graduate Program Director, PhD Program

Welcome to the PhD in Management!

Why pursue a PhD or a career in research? For all we think we know, there is still nothing more vast than what we don’t know. This means that researchers face an inexhaustible pool of unknowns to choose from and to study fruitfully. The market for knowledge is also increasing in size as the flood of falsities that has washed upon the world renews the need for substantive research as a countermeasure. Societies, economies, businesses, workers, managers, and entrepreneurs need substantive, evidence-based, and scientifically tested knowledge more than ever to make reasonable decisions.

I am pleased to direct the PhD in Management program here at the Ted Rogers School. Our mission is to train and nurture the next generation of researchers. To achieve this goal, we put together cutting-edge coursework and a supervisory structure to allow students to succeed in the new reality of knowledge production and sharing. Today we have the best research tech to do really deep and broad analyses relevant to business, with methods that span from formal to qualitative, to quantitative and machine learning based approaches.

Our inaugural class includes individuals who have a strong desire to make their mark as researchers, to publish their work in reputed, peer-reviewed outlets for maximum impact, and who want to pursue research careers in academia and industry. Our program is small, so our students will receive a higher degree of attention from faculty.
 Dr. André Laplume

Graduate Program Director, PhD Program

Finding a supervisor

When applying to the PhD in Management program, applicants must provide a statement of intent that outlines a research topic for their dissertation and identifies two to three potential supervisors. Finding a supervisory match is a part of the successful application to the PhD in Management program; students who cannot be matched with a supervisor will not be admitted to the program.

The program places great emphasis on ensuring strong matches between applicants and potential supervisors before they are admitted to the program. We encourage you to reach out to potential supervisors on your own and let them know that you are interested in working with them.

Supervisory committee

A supervisory committee is made up of two to four faculty members who provide guidance to PhD in Management candidates and assess their progress through the program, from the articulation of research intention to the completion of their thesis. Committee members will provide feedback and guidance to the student to ensure they complete the program successfully.

After finding a supervisor

Once you identify a suitable supervisor, feel free to reach out to them via email. Introduce yourself as an applicant of the PhD in Management program and describe your proposed research topic as well as why you believe the faculty member would make a suitable supervisor. You can do this in conjunction with submitting your application online. If you meet the other admissions criteria, the faculty member you have reached out to may ask to interview you or request that you complete a short assignment. If a faculty member has expressed an interest in working with you, please indicate that you have found the supervisor in your letter of intent or in an email to the program.

Once in the program, you will work closely with your supervisor to define your program of study, ensure you take the right elective courses, refine your research question, track your progress in the program and write and defend your dissertation on time.

To learn more about working with a supervisor, please visit the YSGPS Supervision and Advising guidelines.

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