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Our Research

The Ted Rogers School of Management’s research is driving innovation and social change. Our faculty are at the forefront of advancing knowledge in several research areas within business in Canada and on a global scale. The range in research focus, combined with the institution's strong ties to industry and community partners, fosters exciting opportunities for diverse areas of scholarship and practice. 

Master of Science in Management program students have the opportunity to advance their research skills and tap into the research expertise of our faculty, with many alumni choosing to pursue research career pathways in academia and industry.

Research rankings

2023 QS World Universities Rankings [Toronto Metropolitan University]

Business and Management Studies: #18 in Canada for Citations per Paper, and #13 in Canada for H-Index Citations

2023 QS World Universities Rankings [Toronto Metropolitan University]

Hospitality Leisure Management : #1 in Canada for Citations per Paper and  #13 worldwide for Citations per Paper

2023 Shanghai Rankings [Toronto Metropolitan University]

Hospitality & Tourism Management: Nationally #3 for Research Influence, #3 for Research Quality, #4 for Research Output and #4 for International Collaboration

Management: Nationally #8 for Research Output and #16 for Research Influence

Business Administration: Nationally #7 for Research Quality and #12 for Research Output

Achievements & Impact

Explore recent scholarly contributions and achievements by Ted Rogers School of Management researchers. 

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Research highlights

Our researchers at the Ted Rogers School of Management come from diverse disciplines, and bring broad research perspectives and innovative solutions to managerial and societal problems. Review a list of our faculty’s recent research that has appeared in top-tier journals, showing the depth and breadth of our outstanding contributions.

Institutes, Centres and Labs

Ted Rogers School of Management is home to 16 research centres, institutes and labs

These centres provide important connections to industry and community partners, and produce an extraordinary number of research contributions ranging from peer-reviewed publications and industry reports to international conferences with world renowned speakers. Graduate students of the Master in Science Management program may choose to collaborate with one of these centres during their studies.

 Research career pathways

Graduates of this program have gone on to PhD programs or industry jobs such as analysts, consultants, or research managers. 

Omar Fares
“I was able to win international awards and was recognized internationally for my work… This program has helped me take the next step in my research journey.”

Omar Fares, MScM Graduate '23
Lecturer, PhD in Management Candidate, Ted Rogers School of Management 

“What really sold me on the program was how supportive and encouraging the faculty here are..I do hope to stay within academia and finally achieve my dream.”

Pearlyn Ng, MScM Graduate '22
PhD Candidate Industrial Organizational Psychology, University of Waterloo

Pearlyn Ng
Kyle Stewart
“When I think of my time during my MScM, I think of a time when my mindset evolved because it was challenged by professors with high expertise in their fields. They were able to help me develop my mindset by equipping me with the tools and laying the foundation to be successful in a world of research, data analysis, and strategic management. As such, I was able to find a job in my field and consistently provide value to my employers.”

Kyle Stewart, MScM Graduate, '18
Senior Analyst, Digital, University Health Network (UHN)

Saman Feroze
“As an AI Strategy consultant focused on life sciences and the healthcare industry, my experience has been nothing short of transformative. The Master of Science in management program has played a vital role in shaping my career and equipping me with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the complex world of Artificial Intelligence in the life sciences and healthcare industry. It has not only enhanced my understanding of cutting-edge technologies but also provided me with a holistic view of the business landscape, enabling me to identify opportunities and drive impactful change for organizations. The program's emphasis on practical application and real-world case studies has allowed me to develop a strategic mindset and hone my problem-solving abilities.”

Saman Feroze, MScM Graduate, '20
AI Strategy Consultant (Life Sciences and Healthcare Consulting), Deloitte

MScM graduate students that were recognized with Best Thesis Award in recent years.

MScM student Defese for acadmic year Thesis title
Diana Vassyukova 2022-2023 Trucking Into the Unknown: A Case Study Investigating the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Wellbeing of Long Haul Truck Drivers
Omar Fares 2022-2023 Digital Revolution In Modern Banking: Systematic Literature Review and Cluster Analysis
Natasha Francis 2021-2022 Business Improvement Areas and the Role of the Visitor Economy In the Survival, Recovery, and Progression of Main Streets In the Context of COVID-19
Pearlyn Ng 2021-2022 “Just Looking Out for Us”: Understanding the Role of Ingroup Prototypes in Follower Support of Self-Serving Leadership
Megan Herrewynen 2021-2022 How Organizational Transgressions Can Prompt Deviance and Helping Behaviour Via Guilt: An Employee-Centric Perspective
MScM student Defese for acadmic year Thesis title
Noah Friedman 2020-2021 The Impact of COVID-19 on Reusable Cup Sharing Programs: A Qualitative Exploration of Community-Based Social Marketing
Victoria De Felice 2020-2021 Are Canadian and U.S. Based Direct-To-Consumer Genetic Testing Companies Complying With the ‘Accuracy Principle’ Outlined in PIPEDA?
Iman Zadehnoori 2020-2021 Lucrative Startups Screening for Seed Accelerators: A Data-Driven Selection Criteria Pipeline
Yunlong Zhao 2020-2021 Foreign Direct Investment Inflows Into China
Meet Shah 2020-2021 Did the Stock Act Impact the Performance, Risk, and Flow of Hedge Funds?
Adrienne Mok 2020-2021 A Triple Bottom Line Analysis of Sustainability Trends In the Luxury Fashion Industry: A Topic Modeling Approach
Sohrab Mashadizadeh 2019-2020 Investigating the Impact of Crude Oil Prices On Renewable Energies and Its Strategic Implications for Canadian Oil and Gas Companies
Mariah Maxhemier 2019-2020 Exploring Entrepreneurial Coaching as a Gendered Phenomenon Within Business Incubators
Ryan Kennedy 2019-2020 High Interest, Low Adoption. A Mixed-Method Investigation Into the Factors Influencing Organizational Adoption of Blockchain Technology
Krisha Amatya 2019-2020 Determinants of Capital Structure in Canadian Non-Financial Firms: A Recent Study
Nina Jovanovic 2019-2020 To Green or Not to Green? Exploring the Adoption of Green Initiatives in Canadian Trucking
Samin Shaaban-Nejad-Lajevardi 2018-2019 Investigating the Impact of Info and Communcation Technology (Ict) and International Protocol on C02 Emissions
Alison Whiting 2018-2019 Elements of Caption Quality: Determining the Priority of Qualitative Closed Caption Elements