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Headshot of MScM Program Director Dr. André LaPlume
Dr. André Laplume, Program Director, Master of Science In Management Program


We are in the business of producing new knowledge. There is really no more endless fruitful pursuit than scientific research. The world is changing at an accelerating pace and old knowledge just doesn’t cut it anymore. We have overwhelming evidence that acquiring new knowledge is the key to success in dynamic environments.

Producing new knowledge that is accurate and useful is the MScM researcher’s main pursuit. In their coursework, students get up to speed with the advances in the field, then for their master’s thesis, students employ tried and true research methods, that, when applied correctly, enable new knowledge to be constructed from masses of data that are carefully collected and curated.

For many students, a master’s degree in management is about developing research skills that can be applied in many different fields, including both academia and in industry. We encourage contributions that have both recognition in academe and utility in industry. Some of our graduates continue into PhD programs after their masters, others will take their skills to research institutes, government research centres, and corporate analysis offices.

For new knowledge to make its way into the world, it has to be disseminated, and that is why students are strongly encouraged to generate publishable research. Publications in venues that offer wider exposure are favoured in order to maximize the reach of research outcomes that can move fields, subfields, practice, and public discourse through media attention. Preparation of publishable manuscripts and working with critical reviewers is an art in itself and a prerequisite to meaningful construction of new knowledge in the 21st century.

We are always on the lookout for new researchers who were strong performers in their undergrad and who are ready to take it to the next level with a research-based master’s degree.

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Andre Laplume

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