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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Inquiries

As of Winter 2022, students, faculty and staff have returned to campus. The majority of classes are now being offered in person. Classes are expected to continue being offered in person for the following semesters in the Spring and Fall of 2022. It is a requirement for students to attend classes in the format they are offered in.

Update on the Fall 2022 semester

Please visit Admission Requirements page for details.

Yes, while work experience is preferred, it is not required.

Applicants are required to have completed a 4-year undergraduate degree. A college or other diploma regardless of discipline is not accepted. College graduates who have completed a university degree in addition to their college diploma are eligible for admission.

If you have completed a graduate degree, you are still required to submit proof of completion of a 4-year undergraduate degree with a minimum grade of B (73%) in the last two years of studies.

If deemed necessary, the admissions committee or a potential supervisor may request an interview with an applicant.

Generally, we begin to make decisions starting in early spring. Offers of admission begin mid-to-late-March and continue throughout the spring and often well into the summer. We will continue to evaluate applications until the program has filled all available spaces for the fall.

Please feel free to check in with the program directly before you apply to confirm if we are still considering applications.

We are unable to evaluate transcripts for transfer credits before the student has been admitted to the program. Please keep in mind that the MScM program is thesis based, not course based. You are required to pay a fixed tuition amount every term you are in the program and that tuition does not depend on how many courses you are enrolled in. As such, transferring one course is not going to have an impact on tuition. There is a chance that some of the elective courses required by our program could be replaced by a transferred course, but this would need an approval from your supervisor and the program director. To do this, the students must fill out the "Transfer Credit Application Form" from Yeates School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, and submit all relevant documents (course outline, assignments, projects etc.). This process can only take place once you are already a Toronto Met student.

The MScM program is available as a full-time degree only. The graduate-level work-load is heavy and you may be required to attend courses at different times throughout the day. We strongly recommend that you do not attempt to work full-time while pursuing this degree.

No one at the program level has the required training to be able to evaluate transcripts. The transcripts are reviewed by admissions officers at the Yeates School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies before the applications are forwarded to the program for review. Admissions Officers will not perform pre-assessments of applications. If you think you meet the admissions requirements outlined here you are eligible to apply. You can learn more about how YSGPS calculates GPA. Meeting the minimum eligibility guarantees that your application will be reviewed by the program, but it does not guarantee admission. The applicant pools vary each year, so what might be a successful application one year, may not necessarily be successful the following year.

Our cohorts are small and the applicants are considered based on their entire application package, which includes their letter of intent with research potential, CV, reference letters, etc. Finding a good supervisor as a match also strengthens the applications. As such, the GPA is not a good indicator of what makes a successful application.

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Application FAQs

We start accepting applications in late October of each year for admission to the following academic year. Deadlines can be found on the Application Deadlines page.

It takes at least 6-8 weeks following the early submission deadline to evaluate an application. Assessing the application for funding opportunities, supervisor availability and scheduling Admission Committee meetings all impact the time it takes to process an application.

Please submit an online application by visiting the Yeates Graduate Admissions page.

Yes. The fee is $110, and will be required before your application is processed.
Note: The fee is non-refundable.

Please view the Application deadlines page for more information.

Once you have submitted your online application through the OUAC (Ontario Universities’ Application Centre), and the Graduate Admissions and Recruitment office has received it, we will send you an email that will contain your student 9-digit ID number and a link to the Applicant Portal. This is how you will submit your application documents to us electronically. Make sure that you monitor your spam/junk folders to ensure that emails from are not being filtered. Learn more about uploading your documents.

You do not need to request for original transcripts at the time of application. You will be able to upload the PDF version of your unofficial transcripts. Should you receive a letter of offer, you will be required to submit an official transcript for all of the institutions listed in your application to Toronto Met before you are able to start your studies with us. Instructions about submission of official transcripts will be included in your letter of offer.

As stated on YSGPS website, we do not change referees once the application has been submitted unless in extenuating circumstances. Applicants can send an email to (opens in new window)  to request a change with an explanation for their request.

Each applicant should receive an automatic e-mail acknowledging their online application and giving them instructions on how to create a MyServiceHub account to check the status of the submission of their application materials.

Make sure to check all junk mail as emails are sent within 2-3 business days from the time you submit your application payment.

The missing supplementary files are listed in your “To Do List” in MyServiceHub. The “To-Do List” is on the right hand side of your “Student Centre”, which can be found by clicking on the MyServiceHub tab at the top of the screen after you log into If nothing is listed in the "To-Do" section, then everything has been received.

If your checklist is showing "To-Do" items, this means that any listed items are still missing. Click on details for more information regarding the documents listed.

Yeates School of Graduate studies does not allow deferrals. To be considered for the next available intake of the program, you will be required to submit a new application and pay the application fee. Please keep in mind that getting a letter of offer during one admission cycle, does not guaranteed that you will be successful if you reapply in the future. When reapplying, you will have to go through the complete application process again.

A new OUAC application summary will need to be uploaded and you should provide new documents, but if you are using the same ones from the previous term you will need to upload a .pdf which states "Please use previous terms documents" for each required item.

Applicants can re-use their reference letters however are responsible for providing the most current contact information as programs can contact referee’s at anytime during the application process.

When contacting your referees to notify them that you will be using their past reference letter you can let them know that they will not need to fill out the form again, however you are responsible to provide the contact details in order to complete your OUAC application.

After the submission of your application you must send an email to with your student number and your request to let us know to transfer the reference letters over to your new application.

Fees and Scholarships

For details on scholarships and awards opportunities available to graduate students, please visit Graduate Studies Scholarships and Awards.

MScM program fees published by Toronto Metropolitan University reflect the cost of the program for the current academic year (12 months). The MScM program takes 16 months to complete. As such, the total cost of the program is the published total for the year plus the cost of another fall semester. If you take longer than 16 months to complete the program, you will have to pay for additional semesters. The Registrar (RO) graduate fees for the next academic year will be published by the University over the summer.

Yes. International students will pay higher fees than Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents. International students must study on a full-time basis. Please check the Registrar (RO) graduate fees page for a breakdown of fees for international students.

Starting in September 2019, a provincial mandate the Student Choice Initiative will give graduate students the option to opt-out of certain ancillary fees. At Toronto Met, the optional fees are the following:

Students will be prompted to submit their Student Choice Opt out selections as soon as they log into MyServiceHub at the start of each term. The default option during the opt-out process is OPT-IN (these fees are automatically charged to the student account unless they opt out).

The Ontario Government has a student loan program called the Ontario Student Assistance Program, or OSAP. This program is independent of the school and requires an application. Full details can be found at on the OSAP website (external link, opens in new window) .

MScM students are charged a fixed fee amount per term for as long as they are in the program. The tuition fees do not depend on the number of courses students are enrolled in. Students are charged tuition in the terms when they take their courses, and also when they are working on their thesis. Reducing a course load has no effect on the cost of tuition. Please visit Registrar (RO) graduate fees page for breakdown of tuition costs.