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Advisory Council

The Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management Advisory Council is a group of volunteers that provides expert advice to our school on program-related matters such as curriculum, program review, technology and trends in the industry, discipline or profession.

The Council promotes the school in the broader community, including among potential employers, and advise and assist the program in respect to external liaison. Where appropriate, the Council will advise on, and participate in, fundraising and the securing of resources.

Our council members are a diverse group of industry partners from all areas of the hospitality and tourism sector. They bring a wealth of expertise on their field and have given great support to our program.

Juanita Dickson

Chair, HTM Advisory Council

Gusto 54 Restaurant Group



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Anna Chartres

Regional Director, Talent and Culture, 
The Fairmont Royal York

Cyrus Cooper, President TRHAA  (opens in new window) 

Cyrus Cooper

Toronto Met Hospitality Alumni Association (TRHAA)

Professor & Program Coordiantor,
Centennial College

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Patrick Doyle

Chief Commercial Officer,

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Carol Greenwood

Vice President, Membership & Business Development,
Tourism Industry Association of Ontario

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Erin Haid

Director, Global Talent Acquisition,
Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

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Robin O'Hearn

Area Director, Human Resources,
Marriott Hotels of Canada

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Rocky Racco

Owner & CEO,
TTI Travel

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Kirsten Kost

Vice President, Sales & Marketing,
The Silver Hotel Group

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Mikey Sadowski

Vice President, Global Communications,
Intrepid Travel