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Frequently asked questions

All Toronto Metropolitan University students are required to activate and monitor their TMU Gmail account. The School of Health Services Management and the Office of the Registrar send all important announcements via TMU Gmail accounts only. All communication with the University must be through a TMU Gmail account.

The OneCard is the official identification card for the Toronto Metropolitan University community. As well as being your ID card while on campus, it also serves as a convenience card for many services on campus, including the library, printing and photocopying, food purchases, discounts (such as TTC and movie theatres) and savings.

New TMU Undergraduate Students must apply online for their OneCard. Please visit the OneCard website for more information. You can contact the OneCard office at: 416-979-5000, ext 557565, or

The Health Services Management (HSM) and Health Information Management (HIM) program courses are offered through the Chang School for Continuing Education, so your course code must always be entered as a Chang School course option (e.g. CHSM instead of HSM). 

Courses are divided between Level 1 and Level 2. The prerequisite structure is designed so that students take most of their Level 1 courses before moving on to Level 2. The important thing is to follow the prerequisite structure. Please refer to your academic advisement report for course planning.

Most students take two courses per term. This will allow you to complete the program in four years.

Students may take as many courses per term as they like, but the courses are designed for a part-time program, so you will be limited as to availability and prerequisite structure.

Students may take up to three terms in succession without taking a course, but this is not recommended. After three successive terms with no registration, they will be deemed 'Inactive' and not eligible to enroll in courses. When this happens, students have to contact their department and request to be reactivated for the term.

If a student goes up to six semesters with no course completions, they will be discontinued from the program. When this happens, students have to 'Reapply' for admission to the program through the undergraduate admissions office. Re-admittance is not guaranteed.

It is highly recommended that students take a minimum of one course per term in order to stay on track to completion.

Diplomas awarded from private colleges in Canada do not qualify for admittance to either program. Only diplomas from public CAAT (College of Applied Arts and Technology) in Ontario or the like in other provinces will be considered.

Most students take approximately four years to complete the program, taking an average of two courses per semester. Students must complete the program in eight years.

This program may allow for OSAP funding. Part-time or full-time OSAP status is determined by the number of courses taken per semester. More information is available via Student Financial Assistance, at 416-979-5113.

Students must apply for transfer credit online once they are accepted into the program. Generally speaking, required "core" courses of the BHA programs will not be eligible for transfer. Elective courses and liberal studies may be more likely to be eligible for transfer.

All courses may be taken online with the exception of your final practicum year. 

For more information on practicum, please visit the practicum tab above.