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Alumni Association

Welcome to the School of Health Services Management Alumni Association (SHSMAA)

The SHSMAA was founded under the umbrella of the Ted Rogers School of Management Alumni Association with the goal of providing a platform for the school to stay connected to its diverse alumni community.

The university’s motto, With Mind and Skill, is the linchpin of our mission to cultivate alumni who continuously strive to be and do better. We work diligently to create opportunities for alumni like you to get involved by hosting a range of professional networking events, philanthropic initiatives and alumni socials. You automatically become a member of the SHSMAA upon graduation and are entitled to all the benefits and privileges of being a member so don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to join our community and be a part of our story!

attendees of the HSM Alumni speaker event sitting in a conference room

Vision statement

An alumni community that is inspired, passionate and engaged.

Mission statement

To foster a life-long relationship with our alumni by recognizing their various achievements, providing them with opportunities for self-development and supporting their professional and academic pursuits.

three Health Services Managment alumni

SHSMAA membership

While your time as a student at TMU was sweet and short-lived we still want to be a part of your story! That is why we offer our Alumni a variety of exclusive benefits and privileges to ensure that we stay in touch and that you feel supported throughout the course of your career.

Below is a list of benefits and privileges that you are entitled to as a member of the SHSMAA!


So, what are some of the privileges of being a member of the SHSMAA? We have a list of them!

  • Gain access by staying connected to a network of successful leaders in diverse areas within the healthcare industry
  • Be at the forefront of the latest developments and innovations taking place at the university and within the healthcare industry
  • Take advantage of the various opportunities for career development such as our mentorship program, skills training workshops and new job postings updates
  • Build your portfolio as a lifelong learner by attending our educational workshops, speakers series and certification programs.
  • Expand your professional portfolio by volunteering to be a guest lecturer or facilitating a workshop for one of the SHSM programs
  • Give family & friends exposure to your professional life by getting them involved in our community engagement activities!
Patrice Boulianne
Patrice Boulianne

Alumni spotlight

Patrice Boulianne

After graduating from the BHA program at TMU in 2019, a lot of opportunities were offered to me. Next May 2020, I will start my new adventure in Ottawa as the Regional Discipline Operations Manager-anatomic pathology for EORLA. It is a significant advancement in my career, and a lot is due to the quality of education and mentorship I had from this program.


Exclusive benefits

Alumni Insurance Program

Alumni Travel Program

Retail Discounts

Automobile Rental Discounts