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CRL's Mosaique has Advanced in the IBM Hyperledger Competition

March 15, 2022
IBM Hyperledger Challenge 2022

The Hyperledger Challenge (external link, opens in new window)  harness the power of communities to ideate, develop, and launch innovative solutions developed using open-source technologies. The Challenge will feature three rounds, called “Ideate”, “Prototype”, and “Launch”, to develop innovations from idea to sustainable solutions in the manner of months. Innovators competing in the challenges will have access to training, mentors and the Hyperledger community to support the development of their solution. A place to partner with similar entrepreneurs, to connect with leading experts, to learn, to scale up, and to achieve real impact in the world.

CRL Mosaique (external link, opens in new window)  had advanced to the prototype phase where we have comprised the goal of this project is to build a decentralized blockchain platform to support governance controlled workflows.

Blockchain technology is single transaction oriented. This project involves demonstrating a method to provide easily designed and maintained decentralized workflows. The workflows can represent any business process including the governance processes required to communally design and maintain the workflows themselves.

Our approach is to treat the workflows as state machines. We will encode the state machines as a data template. The concept is to provide workflows that can easily be changed without having to redevelop and deploy chaincode for every change in the business use case. All that will be required is to change the data in the workflow template. By using a state machine, we can represent each step of the workflow as a state in the state machine.