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The Cybersecurity Research Lab (CRL) is an academic research lab at Ted Rogers School of Management at Toronto Metropolitan University (Formerly Ryerson University (opens in new window) ). The CRL conducts cutting-edge information security research, train the next generation of cybersecurity experts, and is spearheading a crucial and ongoing dialogue with the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry in Canada. The lab is led by Dr. Atefeh (Atty) Mashatan, an Information Security Researcher and Solutions Architect.

The CRL is recognized for its strong partnerships and linkages to industry. Its mission is to help organizations, large and small, to find innovative and cost effective cyber risk mitigation strategy and solutions. The lab’s research expertise is in Cryptography, Blockchain Technology, Quantum-resistant solutions, Machine Learning and its applications in cybersecurity, Enterprise Security Architecture, and Security of Internet of Things (IoT).