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Student Experience Awards


2022 Award Winners

Each spring, the Office of the Vice-Provost, Students, celebrates student excellence at the Student Experience Awards. We wish to congratulate each winner for their success and contributions to the Toronto Met community. Thank you and congratulations!

Community Engagement Award

This award recognizes an individual whose efforts have strengthened engagement or expanded connections between their employer and the Toronto Met community (students, staff, alumni or the broader public). 

Award Recipient: Sonia Tumkur

Innovation & Problem Solving Award

This award recognizes a Career Boost student whose new thinking and approaches have had a positive impact on their employer, team and /or broader community.

Award Recipient: Gianluca Basile

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Award

This award recognizes an individual whose efforts have helped to increase equity seeking groups’ engagement with their employer’s services and programs. 

Award Recipients: Amanda Offor

Outstanding Professional Development Award

This award recognizes a Career Boost student who has grown significantly through their Career Boost experience.

Award Recipient: Myuri Mohan

Personal Development - Collaboration Award

This award recognizes an individual who has made an impact in fostering a collegial environment, using exceptional interpersonal skills to proactively seek out collaborative ways to work with colleagues in their department and / or across the community (Toronto Met and beyond).

Award Recipient: Jeanette Rose Reyes

The Dennis Mock Student Leadership Awards recognize graduating students who have made outstanding voluntary extracurricular contributions to their school or academic program department, their faculty, or to Toronto Metropolitan University as a whole. The awards acknowledge and encourage student participation in university affairs.

In naming the awards after Dennis Mock, Toronto Met recognizes his commitment to higher education. His leadership and dedication, demonstrated during his 28 years at the university, are qualities embodied in students chosen to receive this award - students committed to ‘making a difference’. This is a prestigious, non-monetary award.

Faculty of Arts

Program-Wide Award

Arts and Contemporary Studies
Brea Scott

Kassandra Kurek

Environmental and Urban Sustainability
Melanie Yu

Geographic Analysis
Nella Garofalo

International Economics and Finance
Ayomide Akinbuli

Language and Intercultural Relations
Kai Maurin-Jones

Shayevard Omidshafiei

Politics & Governance
Olivia Karp

Oluwapelumi Egbewumi

Beatriz Jereza

Faculty-Wide Award

Politics and Governance
Hannah Ertl

University-Wide Award

Arts and Contemporary Studies
Claire Cornacchia

The Creative School

Program-Wide Award

Creative Industries
Carianne Shakes

Megan Chee-A-Tow

Graphic Communications Management
Lorena Florea

IMA - Photography
Caeden Wigston

Interior Design
Joey Chu

Dorsa Rahbar Dehghan

Performance Production
Emma (Kit) Norman

Performance Acting
Layla Ainsley

Professional Communication
Sonia Braganca

RTA - New Media
Shiann Nias

Faculty-Wide Award

Zainab Zulfikarali Damji

University-Wide Award

Fashion Design
Jasmeet Rattan

Camilla Bains

Professional Communication
David Jardine

Faculty of Community Services

Program-Wide Award

Child and Youth Care
Nerissa Inniss-Boston

Disability Studies
Angela Mota

Early Childhood Studies
Maleeha Ladha

Ashwini Veerasuntharam

Occupational Health and Safety
Kyle Frame

Public Health
Karen Huang

Social Work
Michaela Adjei-Manu

Urban and Regional Planning
Jao Dantes

Faculty-Wide Award

Nutrition and Food
Esther Deng

Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science

Program-Wide Award

Aerospace Engineering
Tarab Shah

Chemical Engineering
Emma Kelly

Civil Engineering
Dante Rinaldo

Industrial Engineering
Nicholas Neumann

Mechanical Engineering
Erica Attard

Faculty-Wide Award

Aerospace Engineering
Tarab Shah

University-Wide Award

Biomedical Engineering
Namrata Rana & Liam Bell

Mechanical Engineering
Gianluca Basile

Architectural Science
Marwa Al-Saqqar

Faculty of Science

Program-Wide Award

Saher Alvi

Computer Science
Nikan Adshar

William Chen

Math and Its Applications
Fatima Faiz

Faculty-Wide Award

Biomedical Sciences
Samantha Sanayhie

Ted Rogers School of Management

Program-Wide Award

Mariia Andreiko

Hospitality & Tourism Management
Priyanka Mirpuri

Business Technology Management
Jathavi Shanmuganantham

Retail Management
Sebrina Bender

Faculty-Wide Award

Business Technology Management
Jathavi Shanmuganantham

University-Wide Award

Business Management, Marketing Management
Bradley Wells

Hospitality and Tourism Management
Mai Trinh

A student's development is enhanced when volunteer or work opportunities are available outside the classroom.  These experiences provide students with chances to apply their learning to real life.  This approach to education can be further enhanced when a student chooses to step into a leadership role.  

The Student Leadership Awards provide staff in the Vice Provost, Students division with an opportunity to recognize students that have taken on the challenge of being a leader, or by acknowledging their growth and celebrating their achievements.  Student leadership comes in many forms and is valued not only at Toronto Met, but also in the student’s communities. These awards aim to include activities from outside of Toronto Met’s traditional boundaries, along with contributions made on-campus, which are related to the student's development and impact as a leader.

Emerging Leader Award

This award recognizes and celebrates the contributions of new leaders at Toronto Met. Recipients will be in their first or second year at Toronto Met and will have made an impact on their surrounding community through burgeoning leadership involvement(s).

Award Recipient: Angie Awadallah & Alaa Yafaoui

Community Development Award

Creating a positive and safe atmosphere that is open for everyone is a vital component in any learning environment.  The Community Development Award recognizes student leaders that have helped to build a sense of community through their caring attitude, outstanding interpersonal skills and their ability to connect people to each other and to their community (Toronto Met and beyond).   

Award Recipients: Rimsha Ahmad & Karen Dayto

Black Student Leadership Award

This award recognizes and celebrates the contribution that Black-Identified Toronto Met student leaders have made outside the classroom.  Recipients of this award will have shown a high level of commitment, led by example, shown initiative and made a strong contribution to their community (Toronto Met & beyond).

Award Recipients: Janay Ferguson & Bethel Zecharias

Heather Lane Student Leadership Award

This award recognizes and celebrates the contribution that Toronto Met student leaders have made outside the classroom.  Recipients of this award will have shown a high level of commitment, lead by example, shown initiative and made a strong contribution to their community (Toronto Met & beyond).

Award Recipients: Michaela Joseph & Jasmeet Rattan

Marion Creery Award

This award is named in honour of Marion Creery who from 1988 to 2008 served as the Director of Student Services.  In keeping with the example set by Marion, this award will be presented annually to two Toronto Met students whose leadership demonstrates passion, creativity, and perseverance in making Toronto Meta better place for students to learn and to realize their potential.  

Award Recipients: Keneisha Charles & Darius Itaagi

Personal Development Award

This award is given to an international student who has overcome a significant challenge in their own personal life. The recipient has demonstrated a significant resilience in overcoming barriers and has thrived through their engagement on or off campus. The personal growth demonstrated should be exemplary and an inspiration for the Toronto Met community.

Award Recipient: Mai Trinh

Excellence in Mentoring Award

This award is given to a student who exhibits exemplary mentorship abilities and contributes positively to the personal development of students. They have played an important role in providing positive mentorship to their fellow international students or WUSC Scholars at Toronto Met. The recipient of this award meaningfully assisted new students through their transition to Toronto Metropolitan University and to Canada.

Award Recipient: Jacqueline Chung

Student Leader Award

This award is given to an international student who has demonstrated strong leadership and passion for improving the quality of the student experience at Toronto Metropolitan University. An on-campus student leader makes an impact as a positive role model and is a great mentor for students. The recipient of this award made a special contribution to an academic or support department of Toronto Metropolitan University.

Award Recipient: Nahid Azizi

Bennett Entrance Award for First Generation Students

Recognizing contributions at Toronto Met and/or the community-at-large in activities in support of social justice and/or equity.

Award Recipients: Mathushan Sivakumaran, Hailey Davidson, Sajedeh Ghamoshi Ramadi, & Simon Tran

Bennett Equity Award

A one time award to cover first-year tuition and related fees for incoming domestic students who self-identify as a member of an equity-deserving group.

Award Recipients: Jacob Sukhra, Isaiah Bagni, Jay Santos, Elijah MacLeod, Asha Aubrechtova, Evan Accettola, Oana Pintea, Sarah Shahid, Xavier Maltais, Lauren Wymant, Jacob Chout, Theodora Etokimo, Cheyenne Newland, Kiana Alexis, Nasra Ahmed, Hope Kalu, Tiana Nelson, Iman Raghe, Sophia Angel Osaze & Adelianne Quialunda

The Alterna Prize for Women Social Change Leaders Award

Recognizing female identifying students across campus who have demonstrated social change leadership at Toronto Met or in their community.

Award Recipient: Seyedeh-Samin Barakati

Brian Segal Award

Recognizing an outstanding contribution to the cultural and/or athletic life of Toronto Met on a voluntary basis. 

Award Recipient: Romy Arsenault

Denise O'Neil Green Student Leadership Award

Recognizing Black women in undergraduate studies who reflect the leadership and commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) of Dr. Denise O'Neil Green, Toronto Met's first Vice-President of Equity and Community Inclusion.

Award Recipients: Jaylin Evans

Errol Aspevig Award

Recognizing a student for their academic achievement and broader intellectual interests. 

Award Recipient: Cassie Campbell

George Vari Award for Good Citizenship

Recognizing outstanding extracurricular contributions to university life, to school or academic department, or to Toronto Met as a whole. 

Award Recipient: Derek O'Beirn

John Austin Leadership Award

Recognizing students that identify as LGBTQ2+ and demonstrate service and leadership qualities outside the classroom - on the Toronto Met campus or externally.  

Award Recipients: Christele Mariz Ladores & Antonia Pavic

Michelle Monkhouse Memorial Award

Recognizing a student for their academic achievement, passion and demonstrating a positive impact on those around them.

Award Recipient: Ritika Masand, Asif Farabi, Victoria Cina and Vitaliy Yushvaev

Pride Award for Diversity and Inclusion

Recognizing an undergraduate student for their work in the LGBTQ+ community that has contributed to belonging, diversity and inclusion. 

Award Recipient: Alexander Casucci

Toronto Met Black Faculty and Staff Community Network Award for Student Leadership

Recognizing a Black identifying student for academic achievement and community leadership both on and off Toronto Met campus.

Award Recipient: Nathan Reid

Toronto Metropolitan University Alumni Association Award

Recognizing a student who has a commitment to furthering and enhancing Toronto Met's relationship with the external community. 

Award Recipient: Syed Ali Bokhari 

Toronto Met Faculty Association Full-Time Student Award

Acknowledges the efforts of a full time student who maintains academic proficiency and demonstrates a commitment to Social Justice and/or Labour Relations, both on and off campus.

Award Recipient: Olivia Seward & Christopher Randall

Sheila (Angus) Cecchetto Award

Recognizing a student who has sustained involvement and/or dedication to the Toronto Met community. 

Award Recipient: Alyssa Vidal

Student Learning Centre Student Engagement and Leadership Award

Recognizing students who have showcased high levels of student engagement and leadership across Toronto Metropolitan University. 

Award Recipient: Jathavi Shanmuganantham & Nya Martin-Hemming

Women in Leadership Student Award

This award was established by the Women in Leadership Student Group to provide a yearly award to a female student who demonstrates social activism and involvement with student group life at Toronto Met.

Award Recipient: Nya Martin-Hemming