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Vappu Tyskka

Dr. Vappu Tyyskä

Professor Emeritus
EducationBA (University of Toronto), MA (University of Toronto), PhD (University of Toronto, Sociology)

Areas of Expertise:

immigrant families; gender; youth; social policy


My research includes projects on immigrant youth and intergenerational relations; immigrant women; family violence (intimate partner violence, child abuse, elder abuse) in immigrant communities; and immigrant women and English language proficiency. I am currently working on projects that address intersections between social policy and immigration policy.

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Graduate Program Membership:

  • Early Childhood Studies
  • Immigration & Settlement Studies
  • Public Policy & Administration

Community & Professional Service:

Recent Publications:

Nichols, L., B. Ha and V. Tyyskä. 2020. Canadian Immigrant Youth and the Education-Employment Nexus, external link, opens in new window. Canadian Journal of Family and Youth 12(1):178-199.

Ha, B. and V. Tyyskä. 2019. “Private and Government Sponsorship in the Resettlement Experiences of Chinese-Vietnamese Refugees in Canada” in PDF fileThe Promise of Migration, opens in new window (pp. 35-43), edited by H. Bauder. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Valade, M.Y. and V. Tyyskä. 2019. “Social Capital, Newcomer Youth and Family Resilience” in Putting Family First. Migration and Integration in Canada, external link, opens in new window (pp. 213-230), edited by H. Bauder. Vancouver: UBC Press.

Tyyskä, V., J. Blower, S. DeBoer, S. Kawai, and A. Walcott. 2018. Canadian media coverage of the Syrian refugee crisis: Representation, response, and resettlement., external link, opens in new window Geopolitics History and International Relations 10(1): 148-166.

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Tyyskä, V. 2015. Sri Lankan Tamil Families in Canada: Problems, Resiliency, and Intergenerational Solidarity. Family Science Review 20(2).

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Tyyskä, V., F. Dinshaw, C. Redmond, and F. Gomes. 2012. ”Where we have come and are now trapped”: Views of Victims and Service Providers on Abuse of Older Adults in Tamil and Punjabi Families., external link, opens in new window Canadian Ethnic Studies 44(3): 59-78.

Berman, R.C. and V. Tyyskä. 2011, A Critical Reflection on the Use of Translators/interpreters in a Qualitative Cross-language Research Project., external link, opens in new window International Journal of Qualitative Methods 10(2).