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Searching for a Job

It can be challenging to search for a job. Remember:

look at the job description, not just the job title

focus on the skills that you have acquired

network meaningfully – be present & learn!

maintain a professional social media presence

Your sociology degree has given you many skills to use on the job! These include:

  • understanding diverse perspectives
  • working in teams to accomplish a task
  • an ability to see how social structures affect people's lives and decisions
  • research and communication skills
  • empirical research and statistical analysis

Learn more about the sociology skills that employers are looking for. (opens in new window)   

a graph showing the concepts and skills graduates learned in Sociology and used on the job

The stacked bar graph above shows the proportion of new sociology graduates who 'strongly agree' and 'somewhat agree' that they use what they've learned about each topic to help them with their job.  

Topic Strongly Agree

Somewhat Agree

Diversity 55% 28%
Social institutions & their impact on individuals 50% 31%
Groups & teams 50% 37%
Social problems 48% 27%
Alternative or critical perspectives 41% 31%
Sociological imagination 34% 35%
Sociological concepts & theories 26% 38%
Data analysis 22% 35%
Other aspects 20% 40%
Research design 14% 27%