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Stephen Muzzatti

Dr. Stephen Muzzatti

Associate Professor
EducationBA (York), MA (York), PhD (York, Sociology)
Phone416-979-5000 x554815

Areas of Expertise:

cultural criminology; animals in society (HAS); transgression; death & dying


Dr. Muzzatti’s primary research lies in the intersection of cultural and ultra-realist criminologies with particular attention to the issues of crime, social harms, consumerism and human interaction with animals. He is particularly interested in the intertwining social dynamics of neoliberalism, brutality and victimisation. As such, he has published on a wide array of topics including terrorism, violence against animals, state and corporate crime, narcissism, working-class spaces and identities, paranormal phenomenon, motorcycle culture and street racing, the Italian-Canadian community, advertising and the monetisation of violence.


  • SOC 105:  Introduction to Sociology
  • SOC 319: Sociological Perspectives on Crime
  • CC 8836: Animals in Society and Culture

Graduate Program Membership:

  • Communication & Culture
  • Policy Studies

Community & Professional Service:

Recent Publications:

Muzzatti, S.L. and K. Grieve. 2022. Covid cats and pandemic puppies: The altered realm of veterinary care for companion animals during a global pandemic., external link, opens in new window Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science 25(2): 153-166. 

Muzzatti, S.L. and D. Rothe. 2022. “Confronting Neoliberalism’s Campus Culture and the Era of ‘Poor Me’”, external link, opens in new window in Troubled Persons Industries: The Expansion of Psychiatric Categories beyond Psychiatry (pp. 107-128), edited by M. Harbusch. Cham, Switzerland Palgrave Macmillan.

Muzzatti, S.L. and K. Grieve. 2020. “Animal Cruelty” in Violence in American Society: An Encyclopedia of Trends, Problems, and Perspectives, external link, opens in new window (pp. 1-34), edited by C. Richardson. Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO.

Muzzatti, S.L. and B. Rigato. 2020. "Mass Media and Socialization", external link, opens in new window in The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology, 2nd ed. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.  

Muzzatti, S.L. and M. Reid. 2019. “Crime and Economics: Consumer Culture, Criminology, and the Politics of Exclusion” in Critical Issues of Crime and Justice: Thought, Policy and Practice, external link (pp. 141-155), edited by D. Okada, M. Maguire & A. Sardina. Los Angeles: Sage.

Muzzatti, S.L. and E.M. Smith. 2018. “‘The Spirits Tell Me That You’re Seeking Help’: Fortune-Telling in Late Capitalism” in The Supernatural in History, Society, and Culture, external link (pp. 116-135), edited by D. Waskul and M. Eaton. Philadelphia: Temple University Press.

Rothe, D.L. and S. Muzzatti. 2018. Mortuuspolitics: Politicization of the dead, capitalism, and inequality. Contemporary Justice Review 21(3): 327-337.

Muzzatti, S.L. 2017. "Terrorism and Counter-terrorism in Popular Culture in the Post-9/11 Context", external link, opens in new window in The Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice. 

Muzzatti, S.L. 2016. “Did Need for Speed Kill? ‘Street Racing’ Legislation and the Mediated Reality of Crime” in Covering Canadian Crime, external link (pp. 329-345), edited by C. Richardson and R. Smith-Fullerton. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

DeKeseredy, W., S.L. Muzzatti and J. Donnermeyer. 2014. "Mad Men in Bib Overalls: Media Horrification and Pornification of Rural Culture., external link Critical Criminology 22(2): 179-197.