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Mustafa Koc

Dr. Mustafa Koç

EducationBA (Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey, Sociology), MA (University of Waterloo, Sociology), PhD (University of Toronto, Sociology)
Phone416-979-5000 x556210

We are going through a global legitimacy crisis that is shattering our social, political and economic norms. Crises are periods of instability as well as times for social change.

Mustafa Koç

Dr. Koç is on leave during the Winter 2022 term.

Areas of Expertise: 

food security; food studies; food policy; sociology of immigration; rural sociology


Dr. Koç’s current research focuses on food security among refugees, food policy and civil society and immigration and diasporic foodways in Toronto. His current research on PDF filedoner, shawarma and gyro outlets in Toronto examines the relationship between ethnic restaurants, immigrant entrepreneurs and social connections. He has also been involved in various national and global debates on globalization, food security, and peace. Professor Koç is also a frequent commentator on social change and politics in Turkey.


  • SOC 808: Sociology of Food and Eating
  • SOC 105: Introduction to Sociology
  • IS 8922: Changing Multicultural Mosaic of the GTA

Graduate Program Membership:

  • Communication & Culture
  • Environmental Applied Science & Management
  • Immigration & Settlement Studies
  • Policy Studies

Community & Professional Service:

Recent Publications:

Akarcay, E., A. Satiroglu, and M. Koç (eds). 2020. Yemek ve Toplum (Food and Society): Special Issue of the Istanbul Universitesi Sosyoloji Dergisi, external link, opens in new window 40(1). 573pp.

Khakpour, M., R. Iqbal, N. GhulamHussain, R. Engler-Stringer, M. Koç, J. Garcea and  H. Vatanparast. 2019. Facilitators and Barriers toward Food Security of Afghan Refugees Residing in Karachi, Pakistan., external link, opens in new window Ecology of Food and Nutrition 58(4): 317-334.

Koç, M. 2018. Food security discourse: Challenges for the 21st Century., external link, opens in new window Global Dialogue 8(3): 38-39.

Koç, M., J. Sumner and T. Winson (eds). 2017. Critical Perspectives in Food Studies, external link, opens in new window (2nd ed.). Don Mills: Oxford University Press. 

Co-author. 2017. The Case for a National Food Policy Council., external link, opens in new window Report by the ad hoc Working Group on Food Policy Governance, submitted to the Honourable Lawrence MacAulay Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, Sept. 25.

Khakpour, M., L. Sadeghi, H. Jenzer, S. Martins, M. Farag, M. Koç, J. Garcea, C. Henry, R. Engler-Stringer and H. Vatanparast. 2017. The impact of soci-economic and cultural factors on refugee households’ food insecurity: a snapshot of the food security status of Afghan refugees in Switzerland., external link, opens in new window The FASEB Journal 31(S1): 791-13.

Koç, M., K. Soo and W. L. Liu. 2015. “Newcomer Food Security and Safety” in Immigrant Experiences in North America, external link, opens in new window (pp. 292-311), edited by H. Bauder and J. Shields. Toronto: Canadian Scholar’s Press.

Koç, M. 2014. “Food Banking in Turkey: Conservative Politics in a Neo-Liberal State” in First World Hunger Revisited: Food Charity or the Right to Food?, external link (pp. 146-159), edited by G. Riches and T. Silvasti. London: Palgrave Macmillan.