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Doreen Fumia

Dr. Doreen Fumia

Professor Emeritus
EducationPhD (University of Toronto, Sociology and Equity Studies)

Areas of Expertise:

anti-poverty organizing; precarious employment; lesbians & aging; equity in education


Dr. Fumia’s career was notable for her commitment to combining her scholarship with her activism. She taught, conducted research and was active in community organizing in pursuit of equity issues. As a long-time Co-chair of the community council at the Triangle Program, a TDSB publicly funded school program for LGBTT2SQ+, the former Jack Layton Chair (Ryerson), the RFA Equity Issues Chair and VP internal and the Co-Chair on the Equity Committee at the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT), Dr. Fumia worked to make education a more diverse and hospitable experience for students, staff and faculty. Her recent research projects include using photography (photovoice) as a way to tell stories of aging lesbians and those living in rural communities.

Selected Publications:

Fumia, D. 2014. “Intellectual Debates, Testimonials, and Changing Social Values: Same-Sex Marriage in Canada” in Canadian Families (pp. 208-226), edited by D. Cheal and P. Albanese. Don Mills, ON: Oxford University Press.

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