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Master of Social Work (MSW) FAQs

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Don’t see your question here? Check the Graduate Studies Admissions FAQs for more information about admissions and the application process.

No. The MSW at Toronto Metropolitan Universityis not offered via part-time or distance education. The program is offered on a full-time basis only. Classes are taught face-to-face at TMU.

The program is offered on a full-time basis only, and takes one year to complete. This consists of three consecutive terms from September to August.

Your supervisor will be assigned to you by the graduate program director. We will contact you in September to inform you of who your supervisor will be.

Yes, we continue to accept applications until the program is filled. However, we give first consideration for scholarships and awards to applicants who applied on or before that deadline. Find out if we are still accepting applications.

We will start to notify first consideration applicants of admissions decisions in mid-March, and will continue to notify all applicants of an admissions decision on a rolling basis until all available spots have been filled. 

When assessing your application, the Yeates School of Graduate Studies considers your Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) and the equivalent of your last two years of study. They do not include any college/CEGEP grades in their calculations. Calculate your GPA.

There are a number of internal and external funding opportunities that can support you to pursue graduate studies. These include scholarships, awards, bursaries, assistantships and more.

Tuition is calculated on the basis of your program and status (full-time), not on the number of courses that you take per term.

The total minimum fee for a full-time student is based on the minimum time to completion for each program.

Your tuition is a yearly charge, which is broken into three equivalent payments for the three terms in a graduate academic calendar.

Yes, the field placement is a mandatory and essential part of the MSW program. Regardless of their previous experience, all students must complete the field placement component.

No, you will not be paid for field placements. The focus of the field placement is on acquiring advanced practice competencies and experiences in social work practice.

The MSW placement begins in the second term of the program. You will be in placement from mid-January to the end of June. This consists of three days of placement per week (21 hours), normally on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. You will complete 450 hours, in total, of placement.

No, Master of Social Work students cannot participate in international placements.

You will work together with the field placement office to set up your field placement.

TMU's MSW program is a one year full time program only. One-year MSW programs are considered “Advanced Standing” programs, and are offered to eligible students who have already completed a Bachelor in Social Work program. Therefore, if you do not have a BSW, you do not qualify. However, there are two-year MSW programs for students who have completed an honours undergraduate degree in a related discipline. They often require relevant volunteer or work experience in the social work field.