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Undergraduate Curriculum Committee


  • Associate Dean Undergraduate (ex officio, voting): Eric Harley

Recording Secretary​

  • Administrative staff member appointed by the Chair (non voting): Rose Tam


  • First Year Academic Director (vice-chair): Anne Johnson
  • Undergraduate Program Directors
    • Biology: Costin Antonescu
    • Biology: Vadim Bostan
    • Biomedical Science: Joseph McPhee
    • Chemistry: Stephen Wylie
    • Computer Science: Abdolreza Abhari
    • Financial Mathematics: Alexey Rubtsov
    • Mathematics and its Applications: Sebastian Ferrando
    • Medical Physics: Tetyana Antimirova 
  • A faculty member chosen by each Department and from each Department (2 year terms) 
Department Term Number
Year in Term Name
Chemistry and Biology 2 2 Noel George
Computer Science 1 1 Rick Valenzano
Mathematics 2 2 Larry Kolasa
Physics 1 2 Aidan Brown
  • Two undergraduate students: one member of undergraduate course union executives selected by the union presidents, and one undergraduate student from the Faculty of Science as chosen by the students Toronto Metropolitan Science Society (1 year terms).
Program Name
Biomedical Science Angie Awadallah
Biology Intesar Shah
  • One OPSEU or MAC technical (non administrative) staff member (1 year term)
Program Name
Medical physics  Kevin Liu