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Membership 2023-2024

Chair of Council: Dave Mason
Vice-Chair of Council: Michael Olson

Voting Membership​:

  • Full time​​ Faculty Membership: ​All faculty members
  • Contract Lecturer Membership: ​2 members selected annually from CUPE Unit 1 Contract Lecturers, with no more than one member selected by each department in the Faculty of Science
Department Term Number Name
Chemistry and Biology 1 Monica Sauer 
Computer Science 1 Omar Falou
  • Student Membership
    • Undergraduate students
Department Term Number Name
Chemistry and Biology 1 Alessia Pileggi
Computer Science 1 Dibbyo Saha
Mathematics 1 Megan Mahoney
Physics 1 vacant
  • Student Membership
    • Graduate students
Department Term Number Name
Chemistry and Biology 1 Clive Boateng Ameyaw
  1 Vacant
  • Staff Membership elected annually by the respective groups: ​2 members elected by and from MAC and OPSEU
Department Term Number Year in Term
Dean’s Office
1 2 of 2 Salwa Saeed
Computer Science
1 1 of 2 Virginia Clark

Ex Officio Membership (non-voting):

  • President of the University (or designate): Mohamed Lachemi
  • Provost and Vice-President of the University (or designate): Roberta Iannacito Provenzano
  • Dean of the Faculty of Science: Andrew McWilliams (ending Dec 31, 2023) David Cramb
  • Associate Deans of the Faculty of Science
    • Research, Innovation and External Partnerships: Michael Kolios
    • Associate Dean, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies: Russell Viirre
    • Undergraduate Programs: Eric Harley (ending Dec 31, 2023) 
  • Secretary of Toronto Metropolitan University Senate: Donna Bell
  • President of the Ryerson Faculty Association: Ron Babin
  • President of CUPE Local 3904: Joseph Zboralski
  • President of the students’ Toronto Metropolitan Science Society: Antoinette Pavia
  • Dean of the Yeates School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (or designate): Cory Searcy