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Executive Committee Membership


  • the Dean (or designate) (ex officio): Andrew McWilliams (ending Dec 31, 2023) David Cramb  

Voting Members

  • the Associate Deans (ex officio)
    • Research, Innovation and External Partnerships: Michael Kolios
    • Associate Dean, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies: Russell Viirre
    • Undergraduate Programs: Eric Harley (ending Dec 31, 2023) Andrew McWilliams 
  • the Department Chairs (ex officio)
    • Chemistry and Biology: Kimberly Gilbride
    • Computer Science: Dave Mason
    • Mathematics: Dejan Delic
    • Physics (Interim): Jahan Tavakkoli
  • Chair of Faculty Council (ex officio): Dave Mason
  • First Year Academic Director (ex officio): Anne Johnson
  • Elected faculty members ( full-time academic member chosen by each Department and from each Department)
Department Term Number Year in Term
Chemistry and Biology
1 2022/23 +2023/24 Roberto Botelho
Computer Science 1 2023/24+ 2024/25
Preeti Raman 
Mathematics 1 2022/23 +2023/24
Kathleen Wilkie
Physics 1 2023/24 + 2024/25
Tetyana Antimirova


  • one Dean’s designate (optional)