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Dean's Advisory Committee Bylaws

Terms of Reference

1. Establishment

The Faculty of Science Faculty Council (​Council​) hereby establishes a standing committee called the Dean of Science’s Advisory Committee (​DSAC​) under the provisions of Council’s General Terms of Reference for Standing Committees and these Terms of Reference, and delegates to DSAC the authorities set out herein. In the event of a conflict between the provisions of the DSAC Terms of Reference and the General Terms of Reference, the DSAC Terms of Reference will govern.

2. Membership

DSAC shall consist of:


  • the Dean (or designate) (ex officio),

Voting Members

  • the Associate Deans (ex officio),
  • the Department Chairs (or delegates) (ex officio), and
  • First Year Director (ex officio)
  • SDZ Academic Director (ex officio)
  • Director SciXchange (ex officio)

3. Role

DSAC serves as the Dean’s primary advisory group, advising the Dean on all matters pertaining to the Faculty of Science.

4. Responsibilities

DSAC will fulfill its role primarily by carrying out the activities enumerated below. The listed responsibilities shall be the common, recurring activities of the Committee; however, DSAC may carry out additional responsibilities and duties within its role. The primary duties of the committee shall be as follows:

a. The committee will advise the Dean on short- and long-term budgetary questions. In the exercise of this duty, the committee will have the power to co-opt such budgetary expertise as it deems fitting.

b. The committee will advise the Dean on long-range and short-term planning, research, teaching and learning, as well as, questions of space allocation, and help to coordinate routine administrative processes and procedures in accordance with established University and Faculty policies.

c. The committee will serve as a primary conduit for the transmission of information from the Dean to the Departments/Programs and vice versa.

d. The committee may constitute sub-committees to advise it on specific matters related to these duties

5. Powers

Other than, or in the absence of, specific delegations of authority from Council to act autonomously, the DSAC’s powers shall be limited to providing input and ideas, advising and making recommendations to the Dean.

6. Meetings

Normally DAC shall meet at least twice per month in the fall and winter terms.

Should any member of DSAC be unable to attend, a Departmental colleague may act as adelegate. Hence, normally each department will be represented at the meetings of this committee.

DSAC has the right to invite such people to attend its meetings in a non-voting capacity as may seem useful and fitting, at the discretion of the Dean, and with the advice of other members of DSAC. Such attendance may be either on a regular or an occasional basis.

Meeting summaries of DSAC will be kept and a copy of all meeting summaries filed in the Faculty office.