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Saagajiwe's totem

Saagajiwe's Totem
Saagajiwe's Totem

Saagijwe’s totem depicts four human figures facing the One Dish icon in the center. This visual representation of Indigenous heritage in the Great Lakes watershed derives from ancient Wendat-Huron indigenography. The “Peacemaker” (also known as Tekanawite) in ancient times told the Wendat-Huron People and the League of Five Nations People a Tree of Peace has been planted in their country – and the White Roots from the Tree reach in four directions around the world.

As stated in the Tree of Peace narrative, in the future people from around the world follow the White Roots back to the Tree. People take shelter under the Tree where they learn Indigenous Knowledge about eating, healing, and protection from oppression. People become imbued with a social-passion to help each other live a Good Life.

Saagajiwe’s totem was designed and produced collaboratively. The team includes: Saagajiwe coordinator Justine Woods, a fashion designer and Doctoral Candidate who is an expert in Indigenous bead-ornamentation; IT designer Joginder Singh, an expert in the photographic and digital arts; Michael Doxtater, with experience in static-display systems and Indigenous arts.


Beadwork of the Saagajiwe Totem in progress