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Ryerson research

Ryerson study looks at discrimination in York Region, GTA during COVID-19 pandemic.
Charlotte Lee, assistant professor at Ryerson University, interviewed Chinese residents as part of her studies (external link, opens in new window) 
., May 15, 2020

From SARS to COVID-19: Putting the spotlight on anti-Asian racism.
Members of the Ryerson community explain why anti-Asian racism increases during health crises. (opens in new window) 

Ryerson Today. May 14, 2020

With anti-Asian sentiments rising, Asian people are imagining what life will look like post pandemic (external link, opens in new window) .
The Star, May 12, 2020

International scholars shed light on challenges faced by marginalized groups.
Ryerson’s Canada Excellence Research Chair launches Pandemic Borders, a platform addressing migration issues amidst COVID-19. (opens in new window) 

Ryerson Today, May 01, 2020

Chinatown exhibition asks community what future heritage could look like.
Linda Zhang hopes to expand the conversation around culture, history, and what is worth remembering (opens in new window) 

Ryerson Today, April 23, 2020

Ryerson health geographer rises to the COVID-19 challenge.
Professor Lu Wang’s study looks at the social dynamics of coronavirus transmission within communities. (opens in new window) 

Ryerson Today, March 23, 2020

 (PDF file) Diversity of Asian Immigrants and Their Roles in the Making of Multicultural Cities in Canada.
A book chapter by Professor Shuguang Wang, Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, Ryerson University. (opens in new window) 

Immigrant adaptation in multi-ethnic societies: Canada, Taiwan, and the United States, 2013.