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As the world grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic, the uncertainty and fear surrounding the virus have sparked outbreaks of anti-Asian sentiment and racism globally, including here in Canada.

In response, a group of prominent Asian Canadian leaders in collaboration with Ryerson University have developed a list of resources to help those who may be victims of or witness to racially motivated hate or discrimination. Their mission is for community members to combat hate by taking action.

Compiled by members of the project team, this toolkit provides information on the difference between hate crimes, hate incidents and acts of discrimination, as well as links to the various organizations people can reach out to in order to report a hate act, whether they were a victim or witness.


Discrimination. Hate. Violence. We feel it. But many stay silent. Help Put an End to Anti-Asian Hate and Violence.

Irene's Story

Thousands of people of Asian descent feel the pain of discrimination, hate or violence. Many didn't go public. Irene did. Help amplify her voice.


Discrimination. Hate. Violence. Few go public. Will you?