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Towels & Lockers

locker room at rac fitness centre
Available at both RAC and MAC

Make your experience at RAC and MAC even more convenient by renting a locker to store your belongings between workouts, and signing up for towel service to avoid the trouble of bringing one from home. 

Lockers and towel service can be paid for at the RAC or MAC front desk.

Day lockers are labelled and available free of charge on a first-come, first serve basis.

Users must supply their own locks or purchase one from the front desk. Locks and contents must be removed by the closing of the facility every day; otherwise the lock will be cut and contents will be removed.

Renting a locker allows you to leave your work out clothes, shoes, and hygiene products at RAC or MAC between workouts, saving you the trouble of carrying them around.  Rental lockers are rented on a first-come, first-serve basis. Only active members may rent a locker. Renters must supply their own locks or purchase one from the front desk.


Semester basis: $30.00 +HST
Annual basis: $90.00 +HST

If you do not renew your locker rental by the end of the period, the lock will be cut and contents removed. Removed content will be stored for 30 days and can be claimed from the front desk during this period. After 30 days, unclaimed items are forfeit and donated to a local charity.

Note: Toronto Metropolitan University and the Department of Athletics and Recreation are not responsible for locker contents that are lost or stolen.

Towel service is available at the RAC and MAC.

Once you have signed up, scan your OneCard or Barcode at one of our service desks to initiate your towel service. 

Need more than one towel during your workout? We've got you! Return your used towel and we'll gladly provide you with a fresh one!

Important: Prior to receiving your towel, please remember that you are required to leave a piece of government issued ID or your TMU OneCard at one of our Service Desks; your ID will be returned to you when you return your towel.


Daily: $4.00 +HST
Semester: $30.00 +HST
Annual: $90.00 +HST