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Evan McCabe

Evan McCabe

EducationBachelor of Commerce Degree, PCIP Level 1, Can-Fit Pro, Precision Nutrition
Areas of ExpertiseHypertrophy (muscle building), strength & conditioning, sport performance and weight loss

Evan has always been a very athletic person and played just about any sport he could.  In order to become the best athlete possible, Evan discovered the weight room in high school in order to try and gain an edge over the competition. This is where his passion for fitness developed.  He later went on to earn a diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion at Durham College and a Bachelor of Commerce Degree at Toronto Metro University. Evan has worked with TMU Athletics & Recreation for several years now where he has worked in multiple positions.

Evan takes a very scientific approach to training.  He is a firm believer in optimizing the biomechanical components of exercise and educating his clients on the importance of muscle function and movement.  

Evan's passion for health and fitness is second only to his passion for helping others improve their lives.  Evan's main goal is to help his clients become the very best version of themselves, and will do anything he can to ensure his clients achieve their goals both inside and outside the gym.

The journey of a thousand miles always begins with a single step!

Lao Tzu