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A young man prepares to hit approaching badminton birdy in one of the RAC gyms.

During drop-in recreation time, facilities are scheduled for specific sports and activities.

Join a team where you focus on preparing for and competing on a provincial (OUA or equivalent) and possibly a national (U Sport) level, including a formally recognized championship.

General Description:

The recreation badminton club will return for play in the winter semester, and is a club where members gather to play badminton recreationally. The club will host tournaments internally with its members and other events, but our focus is on recreation play, social interaction and fun.

Badminton club nights for the Fall 2023 semester will be

Tuesday's    2:30 pm -5:45 pm   (Lower Kerr Gym)

Friday's     6:30 pm - 10:30 pm   (RAC 1 and 2 Gym)

Location: RAC 1 and RAC 2 Gym, Lower Kerr Gym

Supervisor will monitor and adjust accordingly to give all participants a great experience!

*Registration can be done online through our website portal


Looking for more information? 


 RyersonBadmintonClub (external link) 


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  • Improves sleep, digestion
  • Improves cognition, focus, stamina
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  • Increases social support and network
  • Improves strength, endurance
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