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Raising the Bar

2021-2026 Athletics & Recreation Strategic Plan

TMU Women soccer team wearing blue uniform and standing on the soccer field.

To build on our successes and achieve new levels of excellence and engagement both on and off campus, the department of Athletics & Recreation has developed a new Strategic Plan, "Raising the Bar.” Over the next five years, our Strategic Plan will guide our efforts through established goals, strategies and tactics to help us realize our vision of a healthy, active, and engaged community where each person realizes their fullest potential.


A healthy, active, and engaged community where each person realizes their fullest potential. 


TMU Athletics & Recreation champions the development of the whole student through sporting excellence and active wellbeing. 


Our values define who we are and what we stand for as a department. They help us make decisions and guide our individual and collective actions. Each value is important in its own right; together, they ensure that TMU students, staff, faculty, and alumni will continue to break down barriers, build alliances, and reach new heights.

Every day, we are guided by a set of core values that bring us together as a community and help us achieve our strategic goals.

Always Leading

We are driven by excellence and a desire to be an innovator and leader in all we do. 

Unapologetically Bold

We are unafraid of asking the tough questions, taking a principled stand, or challenging the status quo when it prevents us from moving forward.

Intentionally Equitable, Diverse and Inclusive

We are committed to building a diverse team that reflects the university and the communities we serve, and an inclusive culture where each of us feels safe and supported in bringing our whole selves to work, sport and play.

Passionately Engaged

We actively participate in the success of our students, colleagues, and department. We are invested in making a lasting impact through sport and recreation.

Continuously Collaborative

We week the input and ideas of our colleagues, share our skills and expertise freely and enthusiastically, and work with the knowledge and confidence that we are better, together.

Deeply Principled and Accountable

We operate in an open, honest, fair, and transparent manner. We act in accordance with the highest standards of conduct, and hold ourselves and each other accountable.