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Academic Plan 2020-25

TMU's 2020-2025 Academic Plan aims to advance the ambitious vision and significant successes of its predecessor, Our Time to Lead. By building on this foundation and ensuring alignment with our  (PDF file) Strategic Research Plan (PDF file) International Strategy and  (PDF file) Campus Master Plan, we will continue to deliver innovative, career-oriented education that disrupts the status quo on local, national and international stages.

Incorporating extensive feedback from students, faculty and staff, this plan articulates our community’s commitment to the university’s evolution. With a focus on steady improvement, it will serve as the blueprint for informed and focused decision-making so that, together, we can chart the new path towards our aspirational goals.

This is a pivotal moment in our university's development. Sustaining the momentum that has brought us this far, we must continue to take the kind of calculated risks that allow us to confront Canada’s most pressing challenges with our scholarly, research and creative (SRC) activities. Similarly, we will embrace new approaches to experiential education and continue providing exceptional student experiences. Throughout, we must remain true to our values and to how we engage with the world.

To this end, it is equally important that we stay mindful of the special place we hold within the city of Toronto, and of our obligations to the communities that we serve. Together we will chart a new path towards our aspirational goals.