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Note on numbers below: In most cases, outside callers must dial (416) 979-5000, key in '1' then the extension if dialing from a touch-tone phone, or wait for operator assistance during office hours.

Name Title Extension
Roberta Iannacito-Provenzano Provost and Vice-President, Academic  
Tony Conte Executive Director 556995
Rose Sandino Director, Projects and Operations 555928
Johanna VanderMaas Senior Director, Communications  
Julia Hennessey Manager, Communications  
Kaitlyn McGuirk Communications Specialist  
Patricia Menear Communications Specialist  
Georgina Phillips Executive Assistant 552875
Alex Culcearu Administrative and Institutional Projects Assistant  
Name Title Extension
Sean Kheraj Vice-Provost, Academic 552356
Cynthia Dy Academic & Finance Coordinator 552356
Allyson Miller Director, Academic Integrity Office 544568
Name Title Extension
Jen McMillen Vice-Provost, Students 552736
Ebony Gittens Executive Director 544948
Keitha Prospere Director, Budget and Finance 557599
Chris Visser Strategic Projects Liaison 557875
Imane Khozam  Strategic Projects Liaison 556033
Janeepan Uthayakumaran Strategic Operations Coordinator 556033
Name Title Extension
Patrizia Albanese Vice-Provost, Faculty Affairs 416-979-5101
Iris Clark Administrative Assistant 556287
Name Title Extension
Mark Robertson Dean of Libraries  
Anna Tassone Assistant to the Dean of Libraries 555141
Name Title Extension
Paul Roth Director 552137
Natalie Spagnol Manager, Administration and Operations 553433
Kristen Gergely Administrative and Curatorial Assistant 553359
Name Title Extension
Shari Hodges Interim University Registrar 556033
Carly Smith Administrative Coordinator 555027
Name Title Extension
Donna Bell Secretary of Senate 556041
Suzanne Hicks Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of Senate 555011
Name Title Extension
John MacRitchie Assistant Vice-President, Zone Learning and Strategic Initiatives 553290
Richard Lachman Director of Zone Learning 553432
Abdullah Snobar Executive Director, DMZ 552857
Name Title Extension
Jason Lisi Executive Director 556750
Andrea Ridgley Manager 553253
Name Title Extension

Kimberley McCausland

Interim Vice-Provost, University Planning 556291

Jim O'Brien

Interim Director, Budgets and Institutional Research 557817

Lisa Copeland

Manager, Operations and Special Projects 555033

Waclaw Dajnowiec

Senior Research Associate 556614

Stephen Onyskay

Senior Research Associate 557126

Dan Tassie

Senior Research Analyst 556369

Marc Mainguy

Senior Research Analyst 544428

Daniel Amin

Senior Research Analyst  

Oscar Korir

Senior Research Analyst  

Leo Tsang

Senior Research Analyst  

Jane Logan

Research Analyst