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Early Childhood Studies FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions - Direct Entry Admission

It is the responsibility of all applicants to be aware of the published admission requirements and application procedures for admission consideration to Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU)'s Early Childhood Studies (ECS): Direct Entry Program for Early Childhood Education (ECE) Diploma graduates.

No. Applicants with a CGPA below 3.0/70%/B on their ECE Diploma are not eligible for admission, and must return to college and upgrade their CGPA to a minimum 3.0/70%/B, before applying to the ECS: Direct Entry program. This applies both to the full- and part- time programs.

Please Note: A higher CGPA may be required due to competition.

ECE graduates of two-year programs from other provinces or outside Canada will be assessed on an individual basis by the ECS faculty.

No, applicants are not required to fulfil any requirements from high/secondary school and a transcript from high/secondary school is not required.

Mature student guidelines do not apply for the ECS: Direct Entry program.

All applicants must provide officially certified academic transcripts including promotion/graduation status for all of their post-secondary education (in or outside of Canada).

All applicants are also required to provide an outline of all their academic and non-academic activities since they last attended high/secondary school (in or outside of Canada). Applicants must outline their activities on the Supplementary Form. Please be advised that this information is mandatory and failure to provide it will cause a delay in application processing.

No, all the Liberal Studies courses do not have to be completed at the time of application. 

Applicants who have not completed their liberal studies courses must indicate in the Supplementary Form the details of the courses they are currently completing or intend to complete during the spring/summer term.  

Please note: Offers of admission will not be issued unless an applicant is enrolled in all required courses.

No. Since the lower-level Liberal Studies courses are part of the admission requirements, they must be completed prior to the start of the program.

The Liberal Studies courses are required, as they are not part of the college ECE curriculum. This puts the Direct Entry students in the same position as our Four-Year students who are also required in their program to take three, one-term lower level Liberal Studies courses.

Please see the Important Notes: Liberal Studies Course Requirements website for further information.

Unfortunately, transfers from the part-time to the full-time program are not possible.

The ECS program department recommends that part-time students enrol in no more than 3 courses per term in the Fall and Winter and a maximum of 6 courses in the Spring/Summer term(s). Depending on course availability, students may be able to complete the part-time program in approximately 2.5 years.

No. If a space in the full-time program becomes available, applicants on the wait list will be contacted, regardless of an acceptance of a part-time offer.

No. While enrolment in the Chang School is not monitored, the ECS program department strongly discourages students from attempting to fast-track in this manner. Any courses taken through the Chang School without being an official full- or part-time student will not be counted towards the degree program CGPA at TMU. This, in turn, could jeopardize admission into a Faculty of Education or any other post-graduate programs in the future.

The full-time program is not offered online. The part-time program may be completed entirely online, with the exception of two one-week intensive courses which are delivered on campus. These courses are delivered back to back, during the first two weeks of July. Accommodation in the TMU residence is available for rent during this time. Please visit the Chang School Early Childhood Studies page (opens in new window)  (opens in new window)  for detailed information about this option or contact the Program Manager at (416) 979-5000, Ext. 7636.