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The Faculty of Arts programs combine a liberal arts education with something unique: Toronto Metropolitan University's brand of relevant, practical learning that's designed to make you a well-rounded, informed human being who is also highly employable.

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Toronto Metropolitan University's Faculty of Community Services offers a diversity of disciplines that focuses on making a positive impact in the community. The rich curriculum of multi-disciplinary programs in health, education, social justice and community development is closely connected to the spirit and the dynamism of the community.

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In the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science (FEAS) at Toronto Metropolitan University, our mission is to inspire the innovation of our students and researchers to serve societal need and ultimately improve the quality of lives around the globe. Our Faculty is home to English Canada’s first and only stand-alone accredited program in biomedical engineering, as well as seven other fully accredited engineering programs, and a fully accredited program in architecture. As the university moves forward, FEAS remains committed to excellence in education and research.

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The legal profession is changing, and so too must law school. The Lincoln Alexander School of Law is reimagining legal education to create a different kind of lawyer -  one who is equipped with the contemporary skills and experience required to expand the reach of justice and to respond to the evolving challenges that face Canadian society.

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At Toronto Metropolitan University's Faculty of Science, we will explore the changing world of science in cooperation with our students and stellar faculty members.

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Ted Rogers School of Management at Toronto Metropolitan University is developing collaborative, creative leaders who will drive 21st century business forward while making a positive impact on society. Home to nearly 12,000 students and more than 200 industry-connected faculty, the Ted Rogers School is Canada's leading diverse, entrepreneurial business school centred in an urban learning environment.

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Professional Development

We are Canada’s most creative, connected and entrepreneurial university for graduate education. Our distinctive programs provide an unparalleled student-centred experience where innovative solutions are applied to real-world scenarios. Join us in the heart of downtown Toronto to advance your career and reshape our world by doing work that matters.

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Interdisciplinary Programs

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Continuing Education

Toronto Metropolitan University’s G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education is Canada’s leading provider of university-based adult education with courses, seminars, and workshops; career-related certificate programs; and course series to empower adults to reach their personal and professional goals.